Thursday, November 24, 2011

Get Mad!

Today we will all eat more than our share of food. I'm having a soon to become reality vision of my mother's turkey, and the Italian sausage stuffing, and potatoes (both sweet and not sweet), and the spinach souffle, and shrimp stuffed mirliton, and the french chocolate silk pie, and pecan pie .... The list goes on and on. We will all sit back and unbutton our pants and sigh....And then maybe go for a walk, wait an hour and go back for seconds. And I'm glad for this day. I so look forward to it!!! We all do.

But realize that not everyone is as lucky as you and I are. 1 billion people, both young and old, will go hungry this very day.

Please join me and actor Jeremy Irons in signing the Petition to End Hunger. Watch the video and sing the Petition. Do it today!


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