Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action! - Behind the Scenes

The big day arrived yesterday for my photoshoot and I felt like Catherine Zeta Jones getting ready for the red carpet.  It was such an amazing day full of glamour, fun and lots of designer dresses (30 to be exact!).

Here are a few shots of the day's events.

My wardrobe arrives

30 gorgeous designer dresses to choose from, including the latest designs from BCBG, Brunello Cucinelli, Maria Cornejo, Max Mara, Cristiano Magni, Josie Natori, Elie Tahari, TSE, Michael Kors, and Giorgio Armani.

Discussing hair and make-up with my stylist, Evlin Lake (and catching up on some celebrity girly gossip)

Conceal, conceal, conceal those fine lines!!!!

 Let the fun begin!

Very nervous...

Getting a little more comfortable...

By the end, I was in celebrity mode!

And then, it was all over....  The coach turned back into a pumpkin, the coachmen into mice, and my gorgeous dresses into my daily casual yoga wear.   Sigh.....

But I still have my one glass slipper......

Hope you have a fantastic day wherever this post finds you and remember, LIVE OUT LOUD!


  1. 30 outfits! And you did not look nervous, you looked INCREDIBLE. You must be 95 lbs.
    Did AJ take the pics? Do you remember the designers of the dresses? I saw MORE in the library last night and flipped through it. I want to be in MORE, now, can you hook me up?!?!

  2. On second thought nevermind, they'd make me wear those pink boots. Maybe after I build a new house...

  3. You look fabulous and like a complete natural at this. I can't wait to see it in the magazine!

  4. Thank you both! Stephanie, I will be in the June issue of More. But keep a lookout for the April issue of Southern Living!

  5. I die! I also get Southern Living. I'm so absolutely thrilled for you!

  6. No surprise to me at all. I knew you'd rise...and soon! Soak it all up, Karina! You've earned it! Well deserving lady! All our best to your continued success!! (Bobby says don't forget about us!).


  7. I linked over from Sandy's blog. Your home is amazing and of course, you look great!

  8. I just read the More article...very inspiring.


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