Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm not really sure as to where or how to begin my story. I've tried several ways but none seem to be quite right. I guess the question that I need to ask myself is, "how did I get here." No, not here blogging (although that is a good question too, I may add), but rather here, owning and running a french furnishings shop on beautiful uptown New Orleans, surrounded by beautiful pieces of what I consider "treasures" and pursuing what was once an impossible and absolutely crazy dream. I mean, I was, am, a lawyer. I graduated from Tulane University and then proceeded to Tulane Law School and went directly straight to what was expected of me -- practicing law in a rather large and prestigious law firm in downtown New Orleans. I became a partner (one of only 3 women partners at my 80-something lawyer firm) by the time I was 36 and things were going relatively well.

But then, on August 29, 2005, my world changed. In just one stormy night, Hurricane Katrina took everything -- my home, my life-long possessions, my security -- everything, except my creativity and my ambition to not be defeated. As I began to rebuild my world with limited resources and amidst a devastating reality of sheer destruction, I began to discover the beauty and glamour of vintage finds. My surroundings became a melange of beautiful things that time had forgotten and tossed away. From vintage European grainsack pillows to chippy and tattered antique French settees, my one-of-a-kind furnishings and accessories are timeless and elegant. Each piece is a jeweled treasure in its own right. A former law partner and litigator, I reinvented myself post-Katrina -- finding enough courage to resign from the stressful practice of law to spend more time with my family and the things I love to do.

So that, in short, is how I got here. Now, the journey begins. I reside in Lakeview, New Orleans, in my rebuilt Victorian style cottage, with my husband, A.J., my two beautiful children, Liam and Roma, and my three dogs, Satchmo, Thelma and Louise.

I look forward to sharing with you through this blog my journey from this day forward.

My new home post-Katrina.


  1. I'm so happy you started a blog! It looks great. I cannot tell you how much you have helped me in the past couple of months and it has been a true pleasure getting to know you. You have a powerful story and I'm proud to know such a determined and talented soul who decided to follow her dream. I feel lucky to get to see your collection of beautiful things when I visit your shop to chat.


  2. Karina,

    It never even occured to me that you may have lost most of your material possessions due to the devestation that Hurricane Katrina wrought on New Orleans' inhabitants. I am amazed at how quickly you pulled your life together and it almost seems like the story of Job, where you have been blessed even more now after this trial than you were before!
    I am so excited to share your blog journey with you, and I am happy to have made a new friend.

  3. Wow, what a story, Karina. I'm looking forward to joining you, via your blog, as you continue in this wonderful new chapter of your life!

  4. SO beauty,SO nice blog!-)*Dear Karina!-)*

    Really a greate photos and intresting to reading here by you!Nice place to be here,thankyou for share,

    With love,***Violetta***

  5. Your house is SUPER CUTE. Looks so romantique. Your shop, i like also.
    When it comes to it. Our families are the most important and precious. I am glad you all got ok threw Katrina. Time will heal you too. Keep your cute and sweet spirit. Love your decorating style. XOXO. Thanks for saying hi on my blog!

  6. Very poignant story of your life , trials and tribulations. You, like many of us have persevered, and now look at your lovely home and shop. I wish you all the best!

  7. Well Karina I'm so happy to have found your blog! You are such an inspiring and strong person! I can't wait to read more of ya! Vanna

  8. A beautiful inspiring story! Much luck to you and your gorgeous store. Wish I lived closer to visit!


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