Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Southern Living Magazine April 2012 Issue

In January of this year, Southern Living Magazine (which graces the coffee tables of most homes in New Orleans and in the southern states) contacted me about doing an article on the rebuilding of our house post-Katrina.  I was so honored that Southern Living, a magazine which I have been following for so many years with its great articles on Southern cooking, travel destinations and features on some of the most beautiful homes in the Southern U.S., would want to feature my home.

Here are some of my favorite recent features from Southern Living in case you are not familiar with this Southern magazine icon:

So in the somewhat cold month of January, a 5 member editorial and photographic crew from Southern Living flew in to New Orleans to spend 3 days with us.  It was a lot of work preparing the house for the shoot with 2 young kids and 3 very curious and attention seeking dogs (especially the Labrador who wanted each of the crew members to engage in a game of "toss the kong so I can go retrieve it about 100 times").  But it was also a lot of fun and meeting the staff of Southern Living was a great experience that I will always treasure.

Yesterday, in the mail, I received the April 2012 issue of the magazine and was ecstatic to see the beautiful article they wrote on my little house in New Orleans.  Due to hit newstands today or tomorrow, here is a sneak peak at the issue.

April 2012 issue

A little nook in my kitchen

Our kitchen

Our family room with Thelma, one of my twin wire-haired dachshunds.  Her sister, Louise, was under the antique daybed which I use as a sofa.

My beloved secretary (to the left) which I rescued and painted in Benjamin Moore's Tudric Pewter and Summer Storm (inside the drop leaf).

Embarrassingly distressed front porch floors.  People think I did it on purpose but that is the result of painters painting on a rainy day and not letting the paint fully dry before the next coat.

 The family portrait (took several shots to get everyone, including Satchmo and Louise to all be 
looking at the camera!)

Thank you, Southern Living, for believing that I was worthy of such a wonderful article.

Hope you have a fabulous day wherever this post finds you.


  1. yay! look forward to seeing the complete article. as always, I love everything about your home. donna

  2. Dear Donna, you are so very sweet! How you manage to keep up with your great blog and have time to visit others and leave such supportive comments always amazes me. Thank you so much!

  3. I look forward to receiving my copy in the mail this week. The pictures are great!

  4. ohhh, Karina, it came out SO SWEET! I'm going to repost this on my blog and Facebook!
    BIG CONGRATS, hon!!!



  5. Just found you via a perfect grey! Your home looks so beautiful I will look forward to seeing the photos in this issue.

  6. Thank you, Kayce. I hope you enjoy the article!

  7. Congratulations Karina! It was so fun to see your home in this months
    issue. Your home is lovely. It does look like it has been there for
    over a hundred years I especially love the shutter and pediments over
    the windows.

  8. Dearest Karina,

    Congrats for making it into Southern Living magazine! Missing in the family portrait is Thelma... But she showed herself on the sofa.
    Wishing you a blessed Easter.


  9. Karina can I come and live with you please?!!!!
    You have amazed me since we first met several years ago
    but seeing this beautiful home and knowing all that you have
    been through just blows me away. You really are an amazingly talented young woman.
    Your home on a smaller scale is what I would like to build when I sell
    my monster!!! Julienne xx

    PS We don't get the magazine here so I think I am going to cry!!

  10. Most impressive! A wonderful article about a wonderful family. A Happy and Blessed Easter to you!

  11. such a gorgeous house you have. Cozy, refined and elegant -what more could one want?

  12. Wow! Your home is stunning!!!!! My sister will be so excited to see these!

  13. I am definitely enjoying your website. You definitely have some great insight and great stories.


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