Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Farewell to Armoires?

Armoires are probably becoming an extinct species these days. I mean, what once used to be a practical means to store clothes or china or even arms (originally, the French armoires were used to store tools or arms and hence, the name), now everyone has large walk-in closets and built in shelves. So why would anyone need an amoire?

Well, I'll tell you why. To me, they are one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture one could ever own. It's right up there with owning a beautiful piece of artwork. There is just something so elegant about a house that has an armoire in the great room, or foyer or even the bedroom.

It just brings you back to a day when furniture was made with such painstaking detail and carvings were a must. In New Orleans, especially, where there are still a lot of beautiful old mansions and shotgun houses, an armoire is a common household staple. I don't think I've walked into a house (regardless of the number of walk in closets it has) and not seen a beautiful armoire displayed prominently in one of the main rooms. Whether used to hide a TV or children's toys (as in my house) or used as a pantry or to put extra blankets, etc., an armoire is just one of those pieces of furniture that has so many uses. And aside from it's uses, they are just plain beautiful to look at. They add elegance and poise to any room.

I have a love affair with armoires, from the very elaborate ones down to the very plain and simple ones. I can't have enough of them! Even in my bathrooms, I have small one door armoires. So go ahead, invest in one. Not only are they a gorgeous piece of history, but they only go up in value like a beautiful piece of art.

Although simple in structure, this armoire is stunning with its painted surface and intricate artwork (from Fabulous Flea).

An armoire painted in coutry swedish style for a girl's bedroom or home office (from Mitchell Settoon).

An elaborate and breathtaking french armoire in the living room (from Bountiful Home).

A more classic style, this empire style armoire looks regal in the bedroom (from Bountiful Home).

A powder room or master bathroom becomes an important room with an armoire (a Provencal Wire Demi Armoire from stylehive).

Perfect for a little girls' room, this one door french antique armoire was just purchased from my 1st dibs store for a 2 year old girl who just went into remission from a long battle with brain cancer. I could not be happier that this beautiful piece has found a wonderful home with such a strong little girl.

This is one of the most beautiful armoires I have ever seen and had the pleasure to have. Gorgeous carvings and details. It can be seen personally admired at my shop (3652 Magazine Street), or on 1st dibs at

A more simple one with glass doors to display linens and pillows. Also at my shop. Please inquire if interested.

And finally, my latest masterpiece below. Painted in a gustavian grey with hints of gilding and gesso. It is absolutely stunning!!!! Also part of my collection at disegno Karina Gentinetta.


  1. I could never tire of Armoires...I love them!! I have only 2 in my home as of now...but would love to have many more. Those you shared...gorgeous!! Great post!


  2. I adore the rustic armoire I got from you! It was like adding a really big closet to my home that currently has so little closet space. I use it every single day for something in it and it's completely functional. That last armoire is stunning!

  3. Steph, I adored that rustic one too! It was sooo beautiful!

    Victoria, thanks for reading my post!


  4. I just adore those two french blue/gray armoires. The most beautiful pieces I have ever seen. MB

  5. Excellent post! Your work and wares, much like you, exude timeless class, style and elegance. It's always refreshing to see someone who knows how to create rather than mimic. Absolutely gorgeous array of Armoires. My favorite has got to be the grande, painted Dame in a gustavian grey. Magnifique!!


  6. Endless enjoyed of these post,dear Karina!-)*

    Elegant,and sophisticated...simply divine***

    Much Love,

  7. Love armoires too! I have been a fan of Bountiful Home forever. She truly has style. So glad I came across your blog. I really loved the post of the article in Victoria Magazine that 19 foot built in simply took my breath away. I wish great success with your business.

  8. I wish I had received an armoire for my These lovely and useful pieces of furniture will always remind me of my grandmothers house as it was built without closets and these were used in place of. Ooh and if you like come see, I posted my Marie Antoinette party pics!

  9. I have always adored armoires...I don't have the space for one yet, but someday I will search out the perfect one! I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven if I could have that gorgeous white carved one in the third last image! Thanks for sharing these beautiful images.

    Hope Ava

  10. Oh Yes...I too adore armoires!!!! My plight is that my house is soooooo small my beautiful french armoire has to live at my shop for now, but someday I will live in a palace & it can come home with me & we'll live 'happily ever after'! lol
    Your blog is lovely,

  11. Wow. Karina. Can you believe someone once put that kind of effort into furniture!?

    Congrats on your recent sales - I hope everything sells (though I don't know how you can give them up)!

    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  12. I have one whole armoire dedicated to my art's perfect, and hides messes so very chic-ly!

    a bientot!


  13. Dear Karina, what a wonderful post! I must admit that I am in love with the most gorgeous armoire (in your shop) I have ever seen . I share your love for this beautiful, poetic piece of furniture. I am currently looking for an armoire and if I could only afford the one you have in your store I would not hezitate a minute :-))) Thank you for another gem of a post!Wishing you wonderful day. :-)))

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