Tuesday, April 6, 2010

There is no time like Springtime

I love Spring. It is probably one of my favorite times of the year. Of course, here in New Orleans, Spring is that week of cool weather we get between scorching humid summers and less scorching humid winters. But still, if we are lucky, we get a week of just beautiful California-like weather that we fondly refer to as Spring.

And this is the week! And here we are all giddy with delight at the opportunity of spending every minute outside, having good hair days and not breaking a sweat. So in honor of this beautiful spring time week, I'll share with you some of my most treasured pics that I've collected and keep tucked away in one of my folders to refer back to in the heat of summer.

Enjoy! And I hope this gets you in the spring time mood. These delightful and simply gorgeous images come from two of my favorite shops and websites -- Bountiful Home in California and Atlanta Bartlett (one of my all time favorite white on white designers in England whom I've had the good fortune of meeting, albeit by exchanging emails).

Kick your bare feet up and just bask in all the glory of spring.

Whoopi Goldberg's house as designed by Bountiful Home.

The amazing simple and elegant style of Atlanta Bartlett


  1. Intriguing, inspiring and gorgeous imagery. No surprise, when it's all seen through your talented, designers eye. Always a treat to see such refreshing looks at style when I visit your blog. How fortunate we are to have you for inspiration, simply a click away.


  2. Dorothy, thank you for being such a wonderful support.

  3. I love Spring...my favorite time of the year!! Thank you for sharing such great photos! Have a wonderful day!!


  4. I wish it was like that every day! Thanks, Berlin Deluxxe for reading.

    Victoria, thanks for the kind words.


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