Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weddings on the Brain

Okay, a change of pace for my postings. Today, I had weddings on the brain. It may have to do that my friend, Christine Smith, is about to get married in about 5 weeks and she is going to NY for her second dress fitting this weekend. As I help her decorate the house she is building in NH with her fiancee, Lee, I catch all her pre-wedding excitement that goes with having a wedding only 5 weeks away. Can you remember it? I still can. All that preparation, all that anticipation, all that planning.... I remember after exchanging vows with my husband, AJ, 8 years ago on this day (yes, March 30, 2002) exclaiming, "That's it??" "That's all there is to it?" And in just 10 minutes, I was Mrs. Andrew James McAlear a/k/a Karina Gentinetta since I just could not bring myself to go from being Argentine to Irish in 5 minutes.

But, I digress......

So, anyway, having Christine talk about her dress fitting tomorrow and having my own anniversary today which we celebrated by having our nightly homemade family dinner (me cooking Pasta Bolognese and AJ baking my favorite Blondies) with our beloved children, I got to thinking of all the beautiful things about weddings -- the dresses, the shoes, the lace and trim and satin and flowers...... Sigh.......

Here is a little eye candy to get you in the mood.

OMG!!! Where were these shoes when I got married??????????

And the back... Did you check out the back of these shoes??? I think I'll have to design a chair to mimic these shoes.

Aahhh, yes, my wedding dress was pink too, but oh, the tulle!!!!

I could even marry in black if I had had this Christian Dior dress. Is this to die for or what?

I have a thing about corsets. They look so gorgeous and so ballerina-like (photo courtesy of Olivier Lalin Weddings).

Well, you can just bury me in this one!

And this, believe it or not, is an Etsy design by Bonzie. I love the tulle and the tailored jacket.

And one of my all time favorite princesses -- Grace Kelly on her wedding day. I could just stare at this photo all day.

My beloved father and me, 8 years ago today. The only wedding photo that survived Hurricane Katrina. It was immersed in water (hence the water marks all over) and the hairline down the photo is the cracked frame glass. The photo is permanently stuck to the glass and it was probably that that saved it from disintegrating in the flood waters. So broken frame and all, it's the only photo I have to remember that wonderful, warm spring evening 8 years ago tonight.


  1. Those shoes are to die for! Your wedding photo is sweet. I hate the sentimental damage caused when Katrina hit. It's those things that mattered most.

  2. Loved this wedding post. Those shoes are insane!!
    Best of all is your wedding photo made even more special because it survived!!

  3. I knew you'd like the shoes, Stephanie! And, I agree with you about Katrina. That's why I don't put too much stock in physical possession anymore. It's all in the heart and memory that counts.

  4. Happy Anniversary.
    I am glad you have that surviving picture to remember such an important day, and such an important gentleman :)

  5. tears spilling onto the keyboard now ...

    ... what a precious memento, water marks and all ... God spared you this memory under glass ...

  6. I am so sorry about your photos. Have you ever contacted any guest to see if they have photos from your wedding? I never look at my wedding album but I am sure I would be heartbroken if I knew it didn't exist. MB

  7. Karina,

    Happy Anniversary!
    The picture of you and your father is so precious, and I am so glad that you were given at least one picture of your wedding to hold onto. Wow, that picture is worth more than a boxful when you think about what it survived and that it is of you and your father.

    On a lighter note, Bonzie is one of my favorite wedding apparel designers and it is one of my favorite Etsy shops. You know, Bonzie is doing quite well...Lots of publicity in Ireland...

    I hope you are doing well and enjoying the spring weather while it lasts!

  8. Thanks to all. Berlin Deluxxe, Mandy, Joy, Marybeth and Therese, you are all so sweet. Yes, I've contacted other guests and they sent me some that just didn't capture the moment. There were just candids mostly of themselves or other guests. No worries. It's all in my heart where it will always stay. And I have my family (husband and children) which are the real thing.

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary Karina! I think one of the great accomplishments in life (beyond any career achievements) is to be happy in your choice of partner and the family that you create together! That is the greatest wealth and, as you say, the hurricane did not take that away from you. I also think that your lovely surviving photo is one of the best that you could have...one of my favorite moments from my wedding is the moments before walking down the aisle, just the sheer joy and anticipation of knowing I would be married to my love! That is a special time between father and daughter and it's wonderful that you still have that beautiful memento.

    Beautiful post, beautiful pictures. Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

  10. Dear Karina, such a beautiful post. I thought that the picture of you and your Dad is simply amazing and how wonderful it is that this treasure was not destroyed...I loved every single image in this post - you have fantastic taste! I love to visit your Etsy stroe and do it often trying to pick and choose what I would love to get from you. Every single piece is exquisite! Wishing you wonderful weekend full of light and happiness. :-)

  11. Hope Ava, I'm so glad you enjoyed my post. Have you found your house yet?

    Anya, I wish you a wonderful weekend as well. I go to your website as well wishing I had every hat in your gorgeous collection!

  12. To my equal delight and horror I stumbled over my dream house online...it is perfect in every way, but we are several years from being ready to pull up stakes from our current location and job and move to a more simpler way of life! We are looking at creative finance options right now to see if we can get the house and use it as a summer vacation spot until we are ready to move. FIngers crossed!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Easter weekend!

  13. Oh what a beautiful post, I just loved the photo's especially the last. You look gorgeous and your father looks so nice. I found that so sad about losing all your photo's but one.

    You have such a lovely blog, I will have to have a look around :)

  14. nice one wedding dresses....and nice work on your blog spot...


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