Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tired But Happy

Blogging is sometimes a luxury for me. There are days when I cannot tell you what I did but I know that I was so busy that the day just flew by. The shop is doing well now that the weather has warmed up and I spend my days welcoming visitors and chatting with them about, well, just about anything that seems relevant at the time.

Just this past weekend I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Bobby Cooper. Many of you may know his amazingly talented wife, Dorothy Blum Cooper, who has not only been an inspiration to me and my work, but also a much needed pillar of strength when days are slow and I question my ability to be and call myself a "designer."

Bobby was much younger and much more handsome than I had expected and from the moment he walked in through my door, we began a conversation that would last well past my closing hour. The stories he can tell!!! His life and work (and that of Dorothy's) are truly humbling to those of us who have recently jumped off the cliff to follow our bliss. If you don't know them, please visit their website where you can see their beautiful photography and work.

And like Bobby, Kit Golson of Chic Provence also dropped by my shop a few weeks ago on her way to the airport after spending a few days in New Orleans. Kit and her husband are wonderful people and in just the few minutes that they were here, I felt like I've always known them.

And so people have taken to stopping by to say hello. Those are the times I enjoy most about what I'm doing -- having the opportunity to meet each one of you amazing, creative people. My door is always open and you are welcome to stop by and stay awhile.

My shop is dressed for springtime. It is bright and full of vibrant smells and colors that resonate from the mostly all-white-room decor. Some people ask me if my house is like this and my answer is, "Of course. It's what I love and what draws me." I may try to change from time to time but I always gravitate to the same pale greys and whites and pale blues. I find a certain serenity in being surrounded by time worn fabrics and faded colors. There is no real magic in this -- just an inert feeling that pulls me into a certain direction which always leads me "home." A room must feel comfortable and beautiful to the person living in it. If it doesn't, change it, move things around, add a touch of sparkle or a vase of fresh flowers. I tend to do that a lot at my neighbors' houses. I walk in just to say hello and by the time I leave, I've rearranged their house. I can't help myself! It's a disease. Just ask Bonjour Madame whose house was completely transformed.

So please, feel free to walk in, but do so at your own risk. You may end up catching this disease of mine that is highly contagious once you set foot in this little shop on the corner of the world.

My shop in Springtime:

A corner view of my so called "bedroom" at the shop. The vintage dress on the chair was an ugly shade of white, irreparably yellowed by time. I died it this lovely aqua color and now it adds a bit of whimsy to the room.

My front parlor fireplace. I always have fresh roses on hand. And my corals always add a taste of summer to the room. I place them everywhere I have room. They add texture and "whiteness."

My littlest jewel -- a petite french crystal, empire style chandelier that will be beautiful in a powder room or above a baby's crib. Measures 12" high x 8" wide.

One of my favorite corners in the world. A swedish ticking covered french chair is made simple with a vintage grainsack bolster. A small gilded florentine table adds glamour to an otherwise plain pastel of colors. The mirror above has the original, chippy pale green patina.

Below, a pair of Antique French Bergere Chairs covered in their original scalamandre silk fabric and pale blue gimp. The upholstery is vintage and has its signs of wear but I adore it this way. The vintage grey silk is contrasted by the simple muslin that covers the arm rests.

These will soon be listed on Etsy and 1st dibs.


  1. You shop looks AWESOME out for springtime,dear Karina!!!-)*

    When I wolked througth you shop I feel me SO good and it gives me really fantastic impression!
    Gorgeous things and SO romantic and amazing chic,woow!!!
    Love you blog and you style here!-)*

    With all my love and blessings,


  2. I cannot believe that beautiful vintage dress used to be white. You did a fantastic job dying it! I love the petite chandelier.

  3. I've known Bobby and Dorothy for quite a number of years ... the pleasure has been all mine to redesign custom pieces from their ecclectic collection

    they are some of the finest people I know

    the shop looks FAB!
    you have a gift, my dear

  4. Your shop is so pretty you have such good style you know just what to add to make a room special. I love the idea about the vintage dress and it's such a pretty color. You're gonna make me drive to New Orleans just to have the pleasure of visiting your wonderful shop.

  5. The design world is a far nicer place now that you’ve entered its realm. Your style, elegance and class resonate in all you touch. Do not are at home.

    Dorothy & Bobby-

  6. Karina, I wish I could hop on a plane tomorrow and breeze into your gorgeous shop; it looks like a perfect haven of loveliness! The only problem is that I think I would be in danger of bankrupting myself because I would be powerless to resist buying just about everything in your shop! The lines of that ticking covered chair are just exquisite; one of my fondest dreams is to one day own the perfect french chair and that one just made the top of the list! And that baby chandelier is the most perfect gem! Coincidentally I just did a post on my own chandelier obsession and that little darling is definitely going into my dream files. Here's hoping that one day I'll meet you and your wonderful shop in person!

  7. Karina, what you are doing is magic. So, so enjoyed my visit to your shop. Invite me in often!!! Please! (just sorry it can't be in person!)

  8. Bonjour Karina,
    j'adore ton Blog et les decorations,
    très charmant e magnifique!!!!!
    Je suis ton follower!!!
    Have a nice day
    Kisses :)

    Daniela "Dream Shabby Chic" Milano

  9. It is certainly a BEAUTIFUL spring in your shop!
    The part I miss the most about not having shop anymore are the wonderful people stopping in for a look and a chat.

  10. Hi Karina! it looks beautiful, springy, elegant!

    (I'll link back to these photos from the post I did on you with photos from the day before you opened...:)



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