Monday, March 12, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!

Forgive me for the lack of posts in the last week.  Things have been hectic in my world with lots of exciting things happening, not the least of which is my photoshoot tomorrow for More Magazine.  It has been in the works for some time and I really never thought it would happen.  But it is!  And tomorrow is my big day, complete with make up artist, hair stylist and a wardrobe.  I cannot tell you how excited and nervous I am.  Just stay tuned for the June issue of More.

As many of you know who have been following me for over a year now, all of this started out of necessary choices in life.  Hurricane Katrina, losing my home, rebuilding, my father's death, a very stressful legal career -- all of these things contributed to a life style and career change that I could only have dreamt of.  And, with the last bit of courage and desperation that comes from feeling like you've hit rock bottom, I took the plunge into the unknown.  Almost 2 years later, with a showroom in New York and an online store on 1stdibs, I keep pinching myself daily.  Every day is a new journey for me, a new learning experience and I embrace every minute as if it were my last.  LIVE OUT LOUD, I say!!!!!!  It's the only way to live.

But enough of me!

Now, being the curious cat that I am, I had to check out the photographer who would be shooting me.  I mean, you would do the same, right?  So I googled Cedric Angeles and was just amazed that this man -- this artist -- this genius of the camera --  would take the time to photograph me in my home in New Orleans.

Cedric Angeles is a transplanted New Yorker who now lives in Louisiana.  His photographic style is influenced by his love for film and travel. He is a regular contributor to many of the world’s leading travel, lifestyle, and fashion magazines like GQ, Glamour, Travel+Leisure, Martha Stewart Living, Food+Wine, W, Bon Appetit, and British Traveller. His work is driven by the natural light and movement surrounding his subjects. Born and raised in the Philippines, he moved to California in his early teens and studied photography at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He lives between New York and New Orleans.  Oh, and he just had a beautiful baby girl 2 weeks ago!  Congratulations!

Take a look at a few samples of his work.

 Part of his Dreamland New Orleans series

Clancy's Restaurant (so many memories of this great neighborhood restaurant.  As young attorney, I lived across the street from this famed New Orleans' establishment) 

 Cedric can make water look like champagne!!!

The juxtaposition of light and shadows is so dramatic.

Cedric has traveled extensively, shooting far off places

He can take an ordinary brick oven and artisan pizza and make it look like art.

Clean and elegant


For more of Cedric's work, click here.

So I'm thinking I'm in very good hands, don't you think?  Certainly, Cedric can do magic with his camera.  Now I just hope and pray that my home and I can be worthy of his lens.  Off to exfoliate my face!

Wish me luck!


  1. Congratulations! I actually just recently subscribed to More magazine, so I'm excited I'll get to see this. Have fun tomorrow!

  2. Ohh, Karina, you have nothing to worry about. He's GOOD with people!
    You'll look dreamy.

    Hope you can Tweet a teenine manana and not get in trouble with More, dying to see!



  3. looking forward to your feature, karina. your home is one of my very favorites. donna

  4. Thank you, Stephanie and Sandy and Donna! You all are always so sweet and so supportive. Thank you!


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