Saturday, March 31, 2012


Many thanks to Valorie Hart a/k/a The Visual Vamp for the wonderful, kind, thoughtful, and generous article she wrote on me.  A talented New York designer, stylist, tango dancer, and writer who has adopted New Orleans as her home, Valorie is a gem among gems.  To read the article and all the other insightful posts on her blog, click here.


  1. We continue to be impressed (and proud) of all of your accomplishments. The pieces that we've acquired from you that are sprinkled about our house, are a wonderful slice (and reminder) of our home in Louisiana. Congrats again, on your continued rise and success.

  2. Hi Karina, have subcribed to your wonderfull site and love recieving your emails . I have been extremely busy in my store and have not been commenting but never miss even one of your georgeous articles Love and hugs Beverley xxx

  3. A beautiful site to behold, amazing inspiration.


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