Monday, September 6, 2010

Something New, Something Old

Nothing excites me more than the mixture of old and new, chippy and shiny, french and italian, rustic and elegant. It is the tension between two completely different textures or styles that, in my opinion, creates beauty.

My shop lately has been embracing all styles and periods, fabrics and finishes and I could not be happier in the blend. Take for instance this beautiful pair of Italian lamps that are part of my new inventory.

I give you three guesses as to how these came about. Nope, try again....... Close, but not quite....... Nope, give up?

These lamps were made from salvaged 19th century, hand carved fragments (perhaps even 18th century) of an old catholic church in Italy. These were originally the pedestals on which saint statues rested. When the church was demolished, the saints were removed but the pedestals left behind until they were rescued. They have since been converted into lamps with new wiring and french braided cords. Original paint and chippy gesso and original signature on the back which I can't quite make out. Look at the exquisite details! These fragments are absolute relics to be treasured.

I can picture these beautiful Italian lamps on either side of Brooke Giannetti's bed in her home.

Or on sidetables next to this beautiful swedish sofa from Tara Shaw as shown on Indulge Decor Blog.

Juxtaposed with these old 19th Century Italian lamps is this contemporary, and rather eclectic, gold leaf dining table from the late New Orleans furniture designer and artist, Christopher or Chris Maier.

Chris Maier was a talented artist whose work was (and continues to be) sought after by collectors throughout the U.S. Gilded in gold leaf (as was Maier's signature style), this dining room table was a custom piece, not to be replicated. It bears clean and simple lines adorned with swags on each of the four legs. The gilding was sealed so that there would be no problem using it as dining room table.

This table would be absolutely perfect and so chic in a New York or Los Angeles apartment such as the loft of renowned designer Vicente Wolf's. I can just picture it in his living room!

Or in an otherwise modern home. What do you think?


  1. These are so gorgeous! I agree, the lamps would go so well with neutrals, I love a pop of color in an otherwise creamy room. Your blog is gorgeous, why haven't I found it yet?! So happy to be your newest follower!

  2. Hi Karina! I love that you not only share your most recent treasures, but that you also take the time to share your unique and creative vision! I know these things will find good homes!

  3. Dear Shari, welcome aboard!!! We are happy to have you.

    Hi, Linsey. Did you ever find your lovely table? I have been so busy I have not been able to hop on Blogland too often. Pray tell!

  4. Your unique, one of a kind selections are simply classic!! How grand (and fortunate) to showcase such work in ones home. I, for one, couldn't be happier with our gorgeous pieces that we've recently acquired from you. Can't wait to add more!


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