Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tufting -- It's What's In

There is something so elegant and so unique about tufted pieces. I, for one, adore a tufted sofa or settee and I spare no expense when it comes to reupholstering my pieces in that diamond tufting I love so much. The result always takes my breath away, especially when I see antique settee or sofas in a modern setting.

Take these images for example. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful????

The vintage look of this fuschia tufted sofa against the stark white, modern decor and the crystal chandelier is absolutely gorgeous.

A walnut tufted settee in olive green velvet from Carrocel Restorations.

If you saw this vintage, tufted sofa in a thrift shop, your instinct may be to walk on by. But look at it within this modern decor against the fluted corinthian columns. Doesn't look so grandma-ish now, does it?

Same with this tufted sofa.

The white Belgian linen tufted Louis XV sofa with down cushion below was one of my favorite pieces. It traveled all the way from my store in New Orleans to Queensland, Australia, and now is in the home of my dear friend and talented designer, Frances Russell. She had searched for years for this piece and when she saw it in my blog, she had to have it.

There is something so spectacular about a white tufted sofa.....

You can see how crazy I am about them.....

This little gorgeous number above is currently in my showroom at the New York Design Center (1stdibs@NYDC). For this and other tufted pieces in my own collection, visit my 1stdibs storefront at

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  1. I share your love Karina...diamond tufting is so elegant! I have a beautiful vintage settee rescued from a garage sale that is destined for some reupholstery and paint...diamond tufting is definitely the plan! As for my new place, I don't have much in the way of interior pictures yet as there is still so much work to do, but I have some images of our beautiful outdoors at the Mouse House blog...

    Ta for now!

  2. Dearest Karina .. I can finally comment again!!!!!! As you know I am the biggest fan of tufting and these pieces are exquisite!!!!! That last interior has got me thinking about your tufted settee!!!
    lots of love

  3. Your pics are magic! just so pretty especially the first and last and Francis's. You dont need cushions really since the back is so lovely. Fiona


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