Friday, September 13, 2013

A Painting to Bond a Friendship

It is always so very humbling and utterly surprising to me when my work in some way touches the emotions and lives of people whom I've really never met, whether they are here in New Orleans or across the world.  I have been so fortunate in the past 3 years since I left the practice of law to take this journey into my creative side to have met individuals, especially women, from all walks of life.  From Australia to Rome to Connecticut .... these women all share my passion for life, diversity in creativity, compassion, design and family.  I have forged great friendships with them that transcend the miles and differences between us.  One such friend is Susanna Salk -- author, designer, television personality, writer, mother and wife extraordinaire.

So when Susanna mentioned in passing one day during one of long distance phone conversations that she loved my paintings (a passion which I only recently have had the courage to pursue), I set out immediately to give her the one gift I knew I could give her from my heart that would in some way repay her for all the pep talks, emotional support and true friendship she has given me over the years since our paths first crossed.  I wanted so much for this painting to convey to Susanna the admiration, respect and love I have for her that it terrified me that somehow the simple strokes on the canvas would simply not do those emotions justice.  Would she like it?  Would she love it?  Would it fit in her beautiful home and world?  But, most significantly, would it be our bond to some secret divine order of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood?

Well, Susanna, in all her Susanna-hood, did more than just accept my gift.  In a way that only Susanna Salk can, she wrote the most beautiful and touching post about my gift wherein she answered all my questions and fears.  I invite you to read it here and then to discover Susanna's world and work.

Susanna's painting (

With five (5) successful design books under her belt, Susanna is currently working on her next book, “Decorate Fearlessly: Using whimsy, confidence and a dash of surprise to create personal spaces,” featuring not only "our" painting but also my own home in New Orleans.  Be on the lookout for it on April 2014 from Rizzoli.


  1. Karina congratulations and your paintings are all stunning! I am so happy for you that you have this friendship with Susanna and she sounds like a wonderful person just like you! I will pop over and have a look at her post! How exciting .... you are on your way!
    love and best wishes
    Frances (your Aussie mate!)

  2. Karina, this is wonderful, congratulations! After reading your blog entry I went to read Susanna's and Frances is right, you both are wonderful, incredibly gifted, grounded and generous persons. You are a great artist, and a great friend. Love and prosecco, Nathalie (your Roman amica!)

  3. Hi Karina, I love your painting and your friendship with Susanna sounds wonderful..congratulations on the book and everything you have done so beautifully since I first met you on the first day your shop opened on Magazine...



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