Friday, February 4, 2011

Margaret Russell Unveils the New Architectural Digest

A few days ago, in the New York Times, it was announced that Margaret Russell, Architectural Digest's new editor (who many of us remember from Elle Decor) has launched a new and improved Architectural Digest that is focusing on drawing a slightly younger audience.

Why, you may ask???? Well, as the article explains, "Like so many shelter magazines, Architectural Digest has not been a happy home of late. Once the leader in its glossy domain, it has lost market share — nearly half of its pre-recession ad dollars — as well as its relevance to buzzier titles, or what’s left of them, anyway."

With the new and improved March issue to hit the stands in a few days (if not already out), “THE Age of Elegance” promises to breathe new life to Architectural Digest readership. Frankly, as a follower of Architectural Digest and with my own line of furnishings on ShopAD (the online shopping website of the magazine that showcases items from 1stdibs), I have always loved the picturesque articles on Architectural Digest.

Take the feature on Ralph Lauren in the most recent February issue. To showcase his collections for women and the home, Ralph Lauren built a Beaux Arts mansion from scratch on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Built next to the Renaissance Revival château that heiress Gertrude Rhinelander Waldo built for herself in 1898, on Madison Avenue at 72nd Street (and which in 1986, Lauren turned into his American flagship store), the new Beaux Arts style building with high-ceilinged rooms is now dedicated to his women’s and home collections, while the château houses the menswear.

And in the grand manner that is all that Ralph Lauren touches, take a look at the result.

If this is anything short of amazing, I'm sure the new and improved March issue of Architectural Digest will blow us all out of the water. With Margaret Russell's talent and experience, the new magazine cannot be but absolutely fantastic. As soon as I get it, I will share with all of you.


  1. That black and white theme is stunning.
    Must buy that magazine again I let it slip as I buy so many. Beverley xxx

  2. Me encanta Architectural Digest, la versión Mexicana está muy buena y no te imaginás cómo ando buscando por todos lados la edición americana de Febrero desde que me enteré que hicieron una nota sobre las locaciones de Twilight! Vi unas fotos de RPatz en Cote de Texas y desde entonces ...ah... ardua búsqueda por toda la ciudad. Besos Kari! que estés super bien!

  3. Dearest Karina ... you and me both baby! LOve, LOve the beaux arts Ralph Lauren mansion and Love the man behind the label. A true American icon and something to be so proud of. I also love Architectural Digest ..... an age of elegance that should never end! When we were in New York in 2000 we walked and walked to find the flagship Ralph store and indeed we did on a very hot 35 degree day only to find it closed on a Sunday. So I have to make it back to the Big Apple to see it open in all its grandeur! I hope you are well my dear friend...
    hugs always

  4. hello Karina how wonderful everythng he touches turns to perfection His places in London and Paris are divine and i would love to see this one tooooo fay xx

  5. Dear Fay, he is truly a master of design. Thanks for stopping by... as always.

  6. Wonderful illustrated information. I thank you about that. No doubt it will be very useful for my future projects. Would like to see some other posts on the same subject!


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