Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New York, Here I Come!!!!!

Off I go to the long awaited and much anticipated grand opening of my showroom in New York!!!!! I've packed all my dreams and hopes.....

I don't know where I am going... but somehow, I know I will find my way.

Wish me luck!

Images by Louis Vuitton and Evita.


  1. Karina,

    with as much spirit as you have I'm sure the sun will always be shining on you....


  2. We wish you all the very best!! Can't wait to see and hear about it all!!! Best of luck, enjoy the trip and above all, know we'll be waiting to get a full report upon your return!!

    Savor it all!


  3. Karina,

    What an exciting time for you.
    I wish you a very safe journey and hope that you learn so much from this experience-and perhaps new opportunities await just around the corner...


  4. Karina, Todo el éxito del mundo en este nuevo apasionante reto! Con tu talento y tu alegría natural vas a conquistar la gran manzana! Un abrazo fuerte y los mejores deseos!!! XoXo

  5. I am sure you are going to bowl them over.Because what you do is who you are your talent will show through . I cannot wait to hear all the goings on that took place. Beverley xx


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