Monday, April 11, 2011

New York Times

I know, I've been MIA for a few days...... Truth is, I've been really busy trying to work on my inventory and create, restore, and design new pieces. I've been painting, plastering, layering, peeling, choosing fabric, .... you name it, I'm doing. I'm also replying to everyone who has been so wonderful in emailing me regarding the recent article in the New York Times featuring me, my home and my journey throughout rebuilding post-Katrina. It's been so touching to read your supportive emails. Frankly, when the article appeared last Thursday, I felt very vulnerable (not to mention mortified that my bra strap was showing in the main photo!!!!!) as to how it would be received. I made a decision to share some really personal events in my life during that difficult time, including my husband's illness. I didn't want the hard truth of my husband's deterioration after Hurricane Katrina to be hidden as I wanted to send the message that "life happens" and everyone, everyone has a second (or third, if you are really lucky) chance at life. My husband now is an amazing and kind partner and I would not trade our struggle for anything as it has made us stronger and more embracing of life and people's circumstances. As to my home, well, it is always a little scary to let the world in your home as it may not be what they expected. I always tell people, "my shop and inventory are way prettier and more decadent than anything I have at home!" It's so true. At least for now when most of my focus is on my new career venture. But my home is who I am and how I got here. What started as a way to rebuild with very limited resources became my new passion and career. I adore beautiful furniture and adore being surrounded by pieces that have stories to tell. In fact, after the article appeared, a reader emailed me and told me that the huge thread bare persian rug that I have in my family room belonged to his grandmother! As a child he played marbles on it and ultimately had it in his home on Magazine Street until he moved away in 1995. He left it for dead until he saw it on the New York Times last week. How amazing is that??? I will treasure it always (both the email and the rug).

For now, I'm bringing back to life some beautiful things that I hope to share with you on 1stdibs soon. In the meantime, I saw this gorgeous photo on pinterest and it has got me thinking...... How can I translate this mood, this scene, this beautiful gown and parasol..... into a parlor chair?????? Hmmmmmm.... Any ideas?

Stay tuned.... I'm working on it.


  1. Dear Karina that quite some journey for both of you Well done for being so strong .
    I cant wait to see the chair Im sure it will be amzing fay xx

  2. Dear Fay, thank you so much for always commenting and making me feel so very special. You are a gem!

  3. Dear Karina I did a chair in cream silk and then a layer of silk chiffon and cream roses on the hem, this is such a romantic look and sold it straight away to a lovely young lady for her bedroom [all fabric came from a wedding gown] Yours would be a winner

  4. Dear Karina, I read the article in the NYTimes yesterday. Congratulations! The photos of your home are beautiful. I love your honesty. Thank you for sharing the whole story because you're right, we all have our battles and struggles. That is life.

    Anyway, bravo!


  5. Dear Beverley, that chair must have been beautiful!

    Dear Claudia, thank you so much for your lovely and encouraging comment.

  6. You rock! Now everyone knows!



    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  7. Your Blog is soooooo wonderful.............loooove the french style!!!


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