Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Own Cinderella Story

As many of you know, I am inspired by everything around me, whether they be gowns (oooh, I love, love beautiful gowns), hats, fabrics, textures, paints...... When I see an object, I see its potential and like all of my furnishings, I take them from rags to riches. Or as my little daughter Roma likes to ask, "is that ugly chair going to the Ball too?"

I've been working on several projects and have been busy and away from my computer. Many of them are custom pieces that clients have specifically requested (maybe a certain finish or a certain piece that they've been searching for but haven't been able to find). This morning, I finished a couple of pieces that I'm in love with. Sometimes it is so hard to part with them!!! But here are the before and afters. What do you think? Are ready for the Grand Ball? Or maybe even a Royal Wedding?




  1. The AFTER shots are stunning!

    I can't believe how much prettier the desk and chair are with the transformation.

    I can just imagine that table and chair in a light and airy bedroom.

    You are an amazing artist.
    Keep pursuing your art...You ARE gifted.

    Thank-you for sharing the before and after photo's.


  2. Thank you, Sandra, for leaving me such a lovely and supportive comment!

  3. Amazing...from frumpy Victorian to French va va voom!



    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  4. Hello Karina~ ~
    Absolutely fit for royality! Your pieces are stunning. Would you be willing to share your secret for such a lovely glaze. I am asking because I have a diningroom set I painted white and am now, after 2 years of living with it like this, ready to add some glaze to darken it and highlight the details. I am unsure what to use as I would like the glaze to be more of a golden tan color. I adore the gray hue of yours but that shade will not mix with my decor. I'm a do it yourself kind of girl where I can see that you are much more of an artist. Any help would be appreciated.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  5. Wow! What a trasformation! Love it!


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