Friday, May 27, 2011

Time Flies When You Are in Love

Most of you know my story ... 13 year seasoned trial attorney turned designer/artist/mom. Well, I was actually a mom while I was still an attorney but that was the very reason I gave it up (or "it" gave me up). As a law partner in a mostly male dominated firm, working long days and billing every minute of the day, I was consumed by my work and I had little time for the personal side of my life. It took me a long time to get married and have kids. I joke that at 34, I was the oldest bride walking down the aisle (actually, down the front lawn and up the porch of my in-laws' c. 1850 New Orleans' Garden District home where I got married). Soon thereafter, I had Liam, my handsome son, at 36 (or just about 36) and Roma, my little girl, at 37. I remember asking my husband as I was 9 months pregnant with Liam, still doing the stairmaster at 5:30 a.m. daily, and making appearances in court weekly, "Do you think I'll love 'IT'?" This question really did weigh on me because I did not feel any of those maternal genes kicking in. It was like I was immune or oblivious to any type of maternal instinct. I just didn't feel it and frankly, I didn't even like children that much.

And then it happened. Whether I was ready for Liam or not, he came along. And from that moment on, I was hooked. Never mind anything else that may have come before Liam. I could not imagine, much less remember, what life had been pre-Liam and, shortly therafter, pre-Roma -- all of which, in a long about way, brings me to today's topic.....

As many of you who have school aged children may be experiencing whether this week or in the next weeks to come, school is about to let out for the summer. Today, was Liam and Roma's last day of 1stgrade and kindergarten, respectively. And can I tell you? I was sooooooooooooo upset and nostalgic. Another milestone in my life. The kids were running around today saying, "I'm now a 2nd grader" "I'm now a 1st grader!" And I'm thinking, "stop, just stop growing up so fast!!!" I want to savor every moment, every minute, every millisecond of their lives and no matter what I do, it just flies so fast!

Despite all of the challenges in life, despite all of the hardships (whether personal or financial), I have never been happier and more fulfilled in my life! I mean, does it get any better than this??????? I want to capture every day and I'm so afraid of time passing by. Remember that when you are in a rush to get here and there. These little events (like the last day of school) are just little reminders that time does not wait for anyone. So enjoy the moment, enjoy those little milestones! Carpe Diem (or Carpe Liam as I always tell myself!)!

Just a few summers ago, I was taking this photo.

Then it was off to pre-school (my mother's Montessori preschool)...

Hunting for Easter eggs together.....

And today, these two turned 2nd grader and 1stgrader.

Liam insisted on wearing his Harry Potter glasses and Roma was face painted by her kindergarten teacher.

They crack me up on a daily basis.

But most of all, they make me realize how amazingly fortunate I am to have these two crazy creatures to call my own.

Time certainly flies when you are in love.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend wherever this post finds you.

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