Saturday, October 29, 2011

Are you Game?

Game or card tables of all shapes, styles, and periods are making a real comeback, especially those that are unique and can serve multi purposes. Perhaps it has to do with people wanting to connect on a personal level by enjoying a game of poker or chess or a family board game (and get away from the electronics for a change).

I, for one, am infatuated with the beautiful french and swedish ones and have enjoyed the brief company of a couple of really beautiful ones in my inventory.

Here are some that I find charming.

I adore this swedish painted card table and it reminds me of one that I had restored and refinished in my own collection and which has since found a lovely home in the Hamptons (see below).

But the modern ones appeal to me as well.

This gold card table adds a pop of color to the clean and white interior.

The simple lines of this neoclassical card table give a sense of understated elegance to this cozy corner.

This is perfect for having the girls over for champagne and cards.

Most recently, I found this spectacular 19th c. Louis XV game/card table that I've painstakingly had restored down to the bare wood, walnut in this case. This little card table is gorgeous with its curved legs and table top. Made of solid walnut, the table is beautiful on its own and can be a cozy place to gossip and have a glass or two of champagne with the girls or guys.

But flip the table top over and you have a beautiful poker or card game setting!

Want to play a game with dice???? No problem. Just lift and remove the top altogether and there you go. Love that mahogany top.

And for your cards or poker chips and all your cash, take a look at these little drawers on each of the sides. Ingenious! Do the French think of everything?????

Of course, you provide the cocktails.

This 19th c. Louis XV walnut game or card table will soon be uploaded onto my 1stdibs storefront.

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