Friday, October 21, 2011

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But New Orleans has been my home since the age of 12. Still, there are moments when I feel Buenos Aires in my soul. And I miss all there is to miss about that beautiful place that nurtured my early years.

The picturesque walls of La Boca and San Telmo...

The cobblestone streets where I used to walk hand in hand with my mother...

Its cafes with their delicious "sanguches de miga."

The famous "Alfajores Havanna" de chocolate that I used to devour at tea when my father brought them home.

My English school from kindergarten to third grade, Barker College.

The Parisian inspired Theatre Colon (Teatro Colon) where President Peron first heard my beautiful 18 year old mother sing Opera.

The majestic snow covered mountains of Bariloche where we took family vacations as kids.

The infamous "Dedo de Dios" (God's Finger) which was an interesting rock formation that appeared as a hand or finger pointing up to the heavens and, which as a young child, upon seeing it left me mesmerized.

The beautiful hotels and impeccable style of Buenos Aires....

Faena Hotel with its striking modern twist.

And the legendary Alvear Palace Hotel.

The argentine soccer which became a religious event especially during the 1978 World Cup.

But most of all, I miss those carefree days of childhood in a place that for me was magical and where the days seemed to last for a thousand years.

My younger sister, Vanesa, and I dressed up in our mothers' clothes in our backyard in Buenos Aires.

Now our own daughters, Roma (my 6 year old daughter) and Gabriela (Vanesa's 2 year old little girl).

Time sure does fly by....

Who would have thought?

Have a wonderful weekend wherever in this world this post may find you.


  1. Beautiful Ladies and beautiful photos, thank you for sharing!Hugs

  2. How I wish our American cities were as graceful and elegant as Buenos Aires. What a revelation!

  3. Thank you both, Old Maid and Betsy! Reading your comments makes me feel like I've contributed something to the world today.

  4. It's such an amazing country that is still on my list. When I was in South America the one and only time I went, I passed on going there because there was a lot of political upheaval at the time (I was traveling alone) but I sure regret it! Next time - I'm not missing my chance!

  5. I saw a segment on House Hunter's International on this beautiful city not long ago. I was struck by how much Art Nouveau architecture there was and how it had quite a Parisian feeling. I'd really like to visit someday. And how thrilling that your mother got to sing in that lovely venue! Thanks for sharing this, Karen.

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