Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fairy Tale Interrupted

When I first received my Kindle Fire a month ago as a Christmas gift from my husband a/k/a A.J., I was a little apprehensive.  I mean, why would I need another electronic gadget when I already had a laptop and a 3G Droid phone?  Wasn't that a waste of money and a duplicative internet access toy that would just complicate my over complicated life even more?   This just meant finding yet another plug in my office in which to charge yet another little computer thingy and dealing with yet more ugly black cables to hide in my already ugly black cable filled office.  But I embraced it, not so much for my sake, but for A.J.'s who I know really wanted to make me happy when he handed me the newspaper wrapped gift (because he claims he could not find where I kept the Christmas gift wrap in the house).  Men.  But that's a huge other topic for another day.

But my apprehension has diminished in the few weeks since Christmas.  What started out as a stand off-ish relationship, has grown into friendship and, dare I say, love and admiration for that little black tablet that allows me to escape to a world of wonderful books, internet access, and netflix streaming, all in the comfort of my bed or kitchen or bench as I sit on the sidelines during multiple children's soccer practices or even plane seat (as I fly back and forth to New York to visit my showroom).  Yes, I'll admit it!!!!  I've become addicted to that thing.  Hi, my name is Karina Gentinetta and I'm a Kindle Fire-a-holic.  I love my Kindle Fire!  I only wish it could also do the laundry and walk the dogs but I think that will be available in the 5G version next year.

So all this brings me to the title of this post (you were probably wondering when I would get around to that, right?)  Yesterday, my sister emailed me that Fairy Tale Interrupted was released and available at all major bookstores and digitally on the Kindle. 

This is the hot new book by Rosemarie Terenzio, John F. Kennedy Jr.'s personal assistant, his publicist, and one of his closest confidantes during the last five years of his life. In this, her first memoir, she bravely recounts her own Fairy Tale Interrupted, describing the unlikely friendship between a blue-collar girl from the Bronx and John F. Kennedy Jr.  As the Washington Posts points out, "Cynics, don’t groan: The fairy tale was not John-John’s but hers, a working-class Bronx kid swept up in his glamorous world."

Funny, moving, and fresh, her memoir is a unique account by the woman who was with him through dating, politics, the paparazzi, and his marriage to Carolyn Bessette. Her street smarts, paired with her loyalty, candor, and relentless work ethic, made her the trusted insider to America’s most famous man.

After John and Carolyn’s tragic, untimely deaths on July 16, 1999, RoseMarie’s whole world came crashing down around her, along with her hopes for the future. Only now does she feel she can tell her story in a book that is at once a moving tribute and a very real picture of her friend and employer.

Fairy Tale Interrupted is a deeply loving story and a fascinating adventure, filled with warmth, humor, insight, and five years’ worth of unforgettable memories.

I read the prologue to the book and I can tell you, it is an easy to read, down to earth, interesting and absolutely fascinating memoir.  A look into a world only few of us could ever imagine.  Did you know that John F. Kennedy Jr. had asked the Material Girl to dress up as his mother for the cover of his magazine, "George," but that Madonna declined, insisting she would “never do [Jackie O] justice?" In fact, RoseMarie recalls that JFK, Jr. thought that the idea was brilliant: “I think we should dress Madonna up as my mother,” he said. “Wouldn’t that be a riot?”  Like that would have gone over well with Jackie.  Imagine this picture:

Fortunately for us, RoseMarie states that Madonna declined, writing a letter to "Johnny Boy" as follows:

But I won't ruin the book for you or divulge any more of the juicy revelations in this book.  You'll just have to run to Barnes and Noble yourself or (ahem!) download it on your Kindle Fire.

Have a wonderful day wherever this post finds you.



  1. Karina I left a long comment and then it up and disappeared on me! So you now may have 2 comments! xxx Julienne

  2. Karina, thanks for the update on the Kindle Fire. Very interesting. Although I did have my reservations, I believe that I will try one now. Also, look forward to reading the book just reviewed by you. Love your work!


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