Monday, January 9, 2012

Island Interiors in the Bahamas

I recently had the pleasure to work with Amanda Lindroth of Lindroth Design in Nassau, Bahamas.  I always love to know where my most treasured and beloved antiques find a home and I could not be more happy that this gorgeous monumental Architectural Fragment that came out of a church in France and which I converted into a mirror (so that it would find a practical use in today's lifestyles) will become part of one of Amanda's interior designs.

Amanda is the creative genius behind Lindroth Design which has gained the attention of many Islanders and mainlanders and the press (including Veranda Magazine and Real Living Magazine, to name but a few).  Her designs are extraordinary and fit seamlessly with the coastal beauty of the Bahamas.  As Real Life Magazine described, "Her intuitive ‘cool-as-linen’ style graces design magazines worldwide with its casual blend of sophisticated comfort and colonial-Caribbean chic."

Perhaps my favorite of Amanda's projects is the one she did for her own home, Ca'liza, just outside of Nassau and named after her daughter, Eliza.  Take a look at this breathtaking home.

Amanda with Eliza

A gorgeous Louis XVI gilded table.

Amanda's talent goes beyond her home to other projects, such as this adorable Cabana at Schooner Bay.

And the Balmoral Club which boasts eighteenth-century, carved wooden fireplaces, oak doors and colossal windows.

As well as romantic sweeping staircases that just beg for the dashing silhouette of a Rhett Butleresque leading man.

But even beyond land based architecture, give Amanda a yatch and she can turn it into a comfortable living space that you would never want to leave from.  And what I like most about her designs, is that she makes it a casual family area that is both inviting, elegant and practical all at once.

I'm in love with the children's berths.

And then there is the Gumbo Limbo Barn -- is there any end to this woman's talent?????

Yes, we are still looking at a barn, believe it or not.

Amanda, it was truly a pleasure to meet you and get a chance to work with you.


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