Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Italian Elegance

Elegant Mazzega Style White Feather Murano Chandelier
20th c.
Individually sculpted clear and white hand blown murano glass petals or feathers make up this elegant chandelier. Each hand made glass piece is partly covered by an opaque white color over transparent glass. The opacity of the color, allows the finesse, delicacy of the glass . The scattered light is soft and indirect. The white color is very pure when it is lit. Chromed metal frame. 

Available online on 1stdibs and on display at 1stdibs@NYDC


  1. Karina that is so incredibly beautiful. Delicate but strong enough to make such a statement. Wish I needed a new light!

  2. Thanks, Jules. So good to hear from you! How is Australia?

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