Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

Okay, I'll admit it (and I hope I'm not the only one here) -- I have not read any of the Twilight books and have not watched any of the movies.  I know, I know, I know!!!!  Where have I been, you must be wondering?  Well, if you read my previous post, you would know.  But I digress.....

So, not knowing anything about the Twilight saga, you can understand that I did not think much of it when, about 2 years ago, a movie set designer walked into my antique shop in Uptown New Orleans (which has since been moved to Manhattan, NY) and told me that she thought my furniture was absolutely perfect for a certain movie set "not to be mentioned" that was being filmed in Louisiana.  Of course, I was flattered that my restored vintage and antique furnishings would want to be featured in a movie (any movie, at that!) so I did not even care or bother to ask what movie they were being used for.  She also asked if my house was decorated in the same way as my store (which, as you can see below, it is) and could she also come see it to check if any other pieces might work for the set.   Sure, be my guest!

(photo by The New York Times, April 2011)

A couple of weeks went by and I received a call from one of the design set crew telling me which pieces they were interested in using and setting a date to pick them up.  A couple of pieces were from my inventory (also listed on 1stdibs) and some from my house.  Here are some of the pieces selected:

This gorgeous 19th c. French Daybed with Belgian Linen

A Pair of 1930s Swedish Style Painted Nightstands or Side Tables

The finish on these little nightstands were done by me in my signature Gustavian grey finish

The little painted grey and gilded side table to the right of  my slipcovered chair (photo by The New York Times, April 2011)

The little french boudoir lamp with antique gold shade on my Swedish Secretary.

Here is a closeup of it as I adore it.  I found it locally in New Orleans, had it rewired and found a beautiful antique gold silk lampshade to go with it.

So enough of the mystery!  Where did all my pieces go?????  Until recently, I was not much at liberty to say.  But now that it has hit theaters, see if you can find the pieces yourself.

They were used for Renesmee's bedroom/nursery.

My 19th c. daybed (on 1stdibs) is shown in this photo with my little painted side table and boudoir lamp directly next to it.

My Swedish Nightstands are next to the crib

You can catch a small glimpse of the nightstands on this photo too.

As for the other pieces, well, I have yet to see the movie myself so I don't know exactly where they ended up on the set.  But as soon as I do, I'll report back.  It is just nice to know that wherever my pieces go (and they have gone far in this world, literally), some of them will be forever immortalized in the big screen.

And since as you can see I am totally out of the loop on this....  Are they or aren't they back together??????

Have a wonderful weekend wherever this post finds you.


  1. karina! omg. first i stumble upon your gorgeous designs via southern living and sandy's blog and now this! what rock have i been blogging under? i'm a former counselor turned design freaky writer with a blog and am a twilight fan who was knocked out by the cottage in the latest one. in fact, i have already prepared a blog post about the cottage, scouring the internet for stills and vids. your commentary here provides exactly what i need to make the post sing!

    i'm rambling! blogland is a twisted crazy ride.

    i'm your newest follower #225 and would be pleased as punch to have you stop by.


    do you know the right people to place me in the vicinity of one rob pattinson who i will then beg to bite my ear lobe??????

  2. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just read this!!! i'm writing a story about the cottage in BD part 2 for my blog - cote de texas and I can't wait to add this info about your furniture!!! I'll link it to you web site. WOW!!! dying. i am the biggest twihard in the world. And yes, they ARE together!!! don't believe anything you read in the gossip mags. love your house in New Orleans too!! gorgeous. just dying right now over this!!


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