Saturday, June 12, 2010

Antiques on Jackson

So with tourists cancelling reservations to the Gulf Coast due to the fear of tar balls and other unsavory chemicals in our waters, I felt an urge to tell you that New Orleans is still beautiful and still a place that is worth visiting, despite what seems to be our constant bad luck with natural and, most recently, man-made disasters.

In a recent post, I pointed out the beauty of our city and that of our entire State and wetlands. But New Orleans goes beyond that. Oh, sure, Paris has Clignancourt and the Halifleur Flea Market and the Versailles gardens, etc...... But La Nouvelle Orleans, or the Petite Paris, as New Orleans has been often referred to, has a charm that not even Paris can take away.

One of my favorite places in this city that has always served as an inspiration to me is the antique shop of Maria and Simon Hardeveld, Antiques on Jackson. Simon, a native of Cannes, France, made New Orleans his home more than 30 years ago. Simon is known for his folk art style oil based paintings that capture the playfulness of New Orleans. Maria, his elegant and beautiful wife, has a way with french and italian antiques. She has a talent that you seldom see. A mentor to me, Maria has taught me so much about having an eye for what is truly beautiful and unique. Everything in her shop is absolutely to die for. Sitting in her shop with either Ike or Lilly at your feet (Maria's English bulldogs), you feel as though you have entered a different world and time has stopped for a while. And indeed it has. Maria and Simon live simply, with absolutely no ties or connections to a computer, cell phone or internet of any type. You won't find their treasures online or be able to connect with them via email.

So feast your eyes on this rare treat of seeing some of Maria's gorgeous furnishings online and you will understand how, with shops like these in our little gem of a city, it is rare that we, New Orleanians, ever feel the need to go to Paris.

Vellum covered antique books flank her shop and objets d'art are used sparingly to add age and beauty to an otherwise simple setting.

A stunning 18th c. Italian demi-lune console.

The sweetest florentine painted chest ever! I love the tangerine accents.

Religious relics are a passion of Maria. Here, an Italian altar.

An italian farm table is set in the middle of the shop.

Those gilded sconces have my name on them!

I could stand next to this chair and stare at it all day long.

This pair of Italian mirrors are absolutely stunning!

Turned wood chandeliers are everywhere as are the small lamps of fragments that Maria adores.

Ike makes himself comfortable just about anywhere there is a free space.

And Maria and Simon sporting Simon's latest creation, "The Big Polluters (BP)" t-shirt. Yes, I know what you're thinking, how those two ever got together is a mystery.
Antiques on Jackson, 1028 Jackson Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130, (504) 524-8201.


  1. Oh My God! I'm so going there! I guess I just never thought of cruising Jackson St. for antiques, but there you go. That store is so "you".

  2. What a lovely fun post Karina! Should I ever be in New Orleans, I would definitely stop by. Thanks for sharing - Emma

  3. Okay, Karina, I have never been to New Orleans, but it is on my list of top 5 places in the US that I MUST visit! Your blog only makes me want to go even more. And I need to visit Antiques on Jackson while I'm there! It is positively gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful week! xo Gigi

  4. Gigi, we would love for you to visit and I would love to show you around!

    Emma, every time you leave a comment, I crave that luscious tart!

    Stephanie, I'll introduce you to Maria. She'd love you.

  5. New Orleans is one of the next american city I want to visit. This shop and this couple are unbelievable . Merci for sharing your wonderful New Orleans

  6. Thank you so much for that wonderful virtual tour...that shop is like stepping into the Sleeping Beauty castle where the world outside has gone on while time stood still inside! I love it! I'm not sure I could even pick a favorite piece, although that wood chandelier is a top contender. I dearly hope my Love and I will be able to visit your gorgeous city someday soon!

    Have a lovely week!
    Hope Ava


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