Friday, June 4, 2010

My Story

I wanted to thank Rachel Kalina of Parent Guide News for the wonderful and humbling article recently published in the June issue of Parent Guide News. Rachel found my shop through Etsy and contacted me. As most of you know by now, I am very accessible and love to meet all of you. As Rachel and I got to talking, she asked if she could publish my story as an inspiration to mothers who may be facing some kind of challenge in their lives. I was very touched and more touched by the wonderful story she just published. I hope that my story helps anyone out there who feels like the weight on their shoulder may be too heavy at times. Trust me when I say, this too shall pass. Everything happens for a reason and life has a wonderful way of making us stronger especially at our weakest moments.

Thanks, Rachel, for taking the time and effort to share my story with your readers. To read the article, just go to the link


  1. What a beautiful story of a Mother's strength, a Woman's determination and a Wife's loyalty in the face of such trauma. Karina I can only admire you and wish you all the best as you follow your dream. xoxo J.

  2. Tears have flooded my eyes through reading this touching article penned by you, Karina. You know, I had read a little about your experience with Hurricane Katrina before in your blog, but this article sheds a deeper light on the arduous journey you and your family faced during this very dark time. I am so inspired to know that even in the darkest time, joy and success can await not too far down the road. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, for we never know what lies ahead in our paths and your story will remain a well to draw upon if we ever enter into a night as dark as this.


  3. Proof of what our mind and heart can do when the most unexpected of life's challenges are presented. For someone who lost so have gained plenty in your wealth of talent, family and love. Congratulations to you and your continued rising is most deserved. You indeed have found your calling.


  4. Julienne, Mandy and Dorothy -- each of you are amazing and talented women in your own right. Knowing each of you as I have in the personal emails and phone calls I have exchanged with you, I can only say that all of you are by far stronger and more talented than I could ever imagine. Julienne, Mandy and Dorothy -- you three, believe it or not, have a lot in common even though you are all ages apart. Thanks for reading and thanks for your kind words.


  5. Karina - You are the strongest woman I know! I raved on and on about your last night at dinner to J. Will email you later today.



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