Monday, October 11, 2010

"One Lovely Blog" Award

I am so honored and truly humbled to have been given the "One Lovely Blog" Award by the talented and absolutely beautiful (inside and out) Australian designer, Frances Russell, of Beautiful Interiors and 18th Century Style. As you all may have read in previous posts, Frances and I met when she saw a white Belgian linen tufted sofa in one of the photographs I had posted regarding new pieces that I had finished restoring and brought to my New Orleans store, disegno Karina Gentinetta.

Frances had been looking for a french antique sofa exactly like this one for over 2 years and when she saw it on my blog, she immediately contacted me and asked whether there was any possibility of shipping it to Australia. Well, to make a long story short, this beautiful antique heirloom and a pair of Louis XVI tufted chairs are on a ship as we speak heading to Australia. I could not be more honored. And this, my dear readers, was the beginning of a wonderful friendship with Frances Russell.

Frances' design style is cool and refreshing.

Her color palette and her choice of fabrics are very coastal and fit naturally with her surroundings.

I cannot wait to meet you in person one day, my dear friend, and walk the sands of your beautiful Australia. I thank you for my award and I'm honored that you would think so highly of me and my blog.

Since I know how much you love baking cakes, I thought I'd bake one for you to show you my appreciation.....

(from my all time favorite cake designer, Sedona Cake Couture!)

So now..... the rules of the award call for telling you seven things about me....

Here goes.....

I, like Frances, come from a place down under. In my case, it is Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I once heard that an Argentine is an Italian, who speaks Spanish, who lives in a French house and thinks he's English. Well, I admit, we are a confused but passionate bunch of people, that's for sure.

I love beautiful things ... whether it's a piece of furniture that I'm restoring...

(from disegno Karina Gentinetta)..

Or a gorgeous couture dress that catches my eye...

I love hats! Especially this beauty ("Confidante") from couture milliner designer and friend, Anya Caliendo.

I love my New Orleans and its beautiful and nostalgic architecture...

I love good food...

And the mocha coffees my husband, AJ, prepares me every morning in our kitchen...

But most of all, I love my children, Liam ....

And my little Roma....

They are the reason I live each moment like it was my first and last.

Thank you, Frances, for this lovely Award.


  1. Your children are exquisite. Congratulations on a well deserved award. xx

  2. Dear,dear Karina!-)*
    Many congrats with you beautiful Award,you realy deserved them!
    And,oh,my...HOW enchanted are all things and peoples,just bizzare what do you LOVE!!!

    I am obssesed with Anya caliendo hats designs and I love her as a wonderful peson too!
    those coffe likes realy delish...

    And OMG!!!
    HOW precious is you little girl and beyond lovely boy,you childs:-)))*
    Just absolutely amazing post!!!
    Thank you SO very much for share all of you beauties from out and inside,dear Karina!

    Hugs and Love from Netherland,

  3. Truly a beautiful post! It is so wonderful to learn a little more about our virtual friends. How wonderful to have 2 beautiful blessings in your life, your children are ever so beautiful!
    Congrats on such a wonderful award.. well desereved!

  4. No greater award or reward than the joy that is brought to us by our children. You indeed have won that prize.

    Liam and Roma are yet another example of your classic and beautiful creations. Both you and A.J. have much to be proud of. Congratulations.


  5. Dearest Karina .... so beautiful and so well-deserved! I love your 7 things about you especially the hats and your children. We are so alike and I love that one day we will meet and wander along Magazine Street and have AJ's coffee and visit the splendour of your New Orleans! You, my friend are an absolute gem who is strong but polished and beautiful! Your beautiful children are gorgeous .... I can't wait to meet them. I adore hats as well .... I wish I could wear them everyday. I really feel that we are soul sisters and it has been an absolute pleasure to meet you and your talent is overwhelming.
    hugs and best wishes

  6. ps thank-you so very much for my gorgeous shoe cake .... I love shoes as well! I must have been Marie Antoinette in a past life!

  7. I love learning about each other and discovering our similar passions. Your children are so cute and I just love your taste in all things beautiful.Gorgeous pics! Fiona


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