Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shop Talk: 1stdibs Loves New Orleans

Shop Talk: 1stdibs loves New Orleans
Susanna Salk

"Our favorite New Orleans dealers invite you to visit the city that they're passionate about — and to shop in their stores while you're there. Whether you're booking a trip or just dreaming of one, take a tour with us today."

Check out disegno Karina Gentinetta as featured on page 6 of this month's Introspective Magazine!


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My computer here at work won't show even when I try to override the pop-up, but I'll see it as soon as I get home! Please repost it here, everyone's going to want to see it ASAP!



    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  2. Karina .... congratulations that is fantastic! The article on page 6 and the pictures are gorgeous. I love the way you have done the Louis chairs, table with the ruffled linen cloth and Louis settee. I wish I could sit there. Have a wonderful day ..... you so deserve this and you are on your way!!!!
    hugs always

  3. Oh dear, Karina, why have I not come to know you yet? This is marvelous, and thanks to Frances, our dear, dear friend, we are here conversing! THANK YOU for coming to visit with me! I had no idea that I could get the kind of response as I did from you....I thought my post was too simple, for I am so tired but I wanted to get my post out and especially the simple idea of turning all despair and fear into an opportunity to CARRY ON and do the simplest thing in LOVE. I say doing YOUR JOB, and WHAT YOU LOVE such as designing and making a living space lovely is a chance as well to express an EXTRAORDINARY LOVE for making people happy and evoking peace. Lovely, lovely blog, and I am following you!!!! Anita

  4. Oh those are such lovely items in there...

    And you look gorgeous too:)

  5. Anita, so glad you came over!!! The circle of friends is getting bigger. This is better than any party I've been to. :)

    Ann, I love, love your blog and I added you to mine. You are truly an inspiration.


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