Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Home for Thanksgiving

So there I was, minding my own business, running errands to and from my restorer, thinking about all the things I need to do in preparation for Thanksgiving, when a little something crossed my path and totally turned my plans upside down. I was on Tchoupitoulas Street (the street that runs alongside the Mississippi River in Uptown New Orleans) traveling westbound when I see traffic on the eastbound lane stop and back up. I see this little dog trying to make its way across the busy street with his tail in between his legs and obviously confused and scared about which way to go. I held my breath as I didn't think he'd make it.

I immediately pulled over, parked my car somewhat illegally on the street, and jumped out of my car and waved traffic down. Yes, impulsivity took over. The little dog managed to cross the street and I ran after it. By the time I made it across Tchoupitoulas, he was nowhere to be found. Mind you, it was probably not the best or safest neighborhood to be wondering around alone, but I just couldn't leave this little creature on his own. I saw an elderly man working on a car and I asked him if he had seen the little dog. "Yeah, he is in there somewhere. I've seen him for a while looking in garbage. I think he is on the alley." Sure enough, I turn on a little alley between two buildings and I spotted him again. It was then I realized it was a Chihuahua. A very thin Chihuahua who seemed like he has not eaten in days. He was shaking from fear and when I tried to come near him, he growled from fear. I stood there for a while and talked to him. Slowly but surely, he started to approach me. He finally let me pet him and pick him up.

My first stop was to the nearest veterinary hospital to have him check for a chip. Sadly, he has none, but the vet confirmed that it looked like he had not eaten in days. I tried to feed him but he is still too nervous to eat. I asked the vet what my choices were. Many veterinary hospitals in New Orleans are no longer accepting stray animals for adoption as they are overcrowded. So they suggested I call the Louisiana SPCA which I did. I was informed that they have them for 5 days at which point they either try to adopt them out or euthanize them. There is no guarantee that they will put them on the adoption list. That was not good enough for me. I could not bear the thought of this dog or any other dog being put to sleep for being abandoned. I called the St. Tammany Humane Society (a no kill shelter across the Lake) and was told that they were no longer accepting animals as they were over their limit. I called ARNO (Animal Rescue of New Orleans) and got a recording to call the SPCA.

So, long story short, I felt like I had no choice but to bring "Tchoupitoulas" home. Unfortunately, as much as I would like to keep him as he seems like a wonderful, loving and very obedient dog, I can't as I have 3 dogs too many (one of which, as many of you know, is a 95 lbs. labrador named Satchmo whom I also rescued from the streets right after Katrina). The other two are wire-haired dashchunds who simply do not get along with any other animal, especially those who are smaller than they are and I'm afraid they will hurt Tchoupitoulas.

So I am trying to find a home for him. For this, I'm going to need everyone's help here. Please pass along this post to anyone you may know who may want a sweet, trained little dog from New Orleans. I will have him checked out tomorrow by a veterinarian to confirm that he is well and I will take care of whatever shots he may need.

Here are some photos of him riding on the back of my car this afternoon. He is a most loving, sweet little dog who loves to be pampered. He looks to be young as his teeth are clean with little plaque (can you tell I've been a dog lover and caregiver all my life?)

Let's find him a home for the holidays.


  1. oh he is so beautiful! if i wasn't on the other side of the world i would take him in a second! i hope he is taken to a wonderful home!

    www.laurenmaywithlove.blogspot.com xx

  2. Karina.
    You are the best. person. ever.
    Will FB this.

  3. Sometimes it is difficult living so far away! Good luck I hope you find him a beautiful home he certainly looks as though he deserves lot and lots of love. xx

  4. I just noticed that you posted this 10 hours ago. I do so hope someone has claimed him or adopted him by now!! SO GOOD of you, Karina, to take the time and effort to do this! I am sure you will be blessed for this.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Thank you so much to everyone. I took Tchoupitoulas to my brother today (he is a veterinarian), and Tchoupi was given a clean bill of health, along with all his shots. He tested negative for heart worm (which is always a concern especially here in the South). He is about 2 years old and was neutered. I still need to find him a home..... But I'm becoming attached by the second!


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