Thursday, November 3, 2011

Miguel Flores-Vianna

As we are on day 3 of my home's magazine shoot for Southern Living, I'm appreciating the talent and hard work that goes into creating that perfect interior shot. What looks casual or unstaged may actually have taken hours to prepare and achieve. Perhaps that is why we all love looking at magazines such as Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Veranda.... we all want that look in our own homes. You can get it!!! Just make sure that in addition to your interior designer, you also hire a stylist, a photo editor, a photographer and a prop person (all of whom are in my kitchen as I type!).

One of my all time favorite interior shots come from Miguel Flores-Vianna who does a lot of interior shots for Elle Decor, The World of Interiors, Domino, Architectural Digest, 1stdibs, House & Garden and Veranda. And what do you know???? Miguel grew up in Argentina (perhaps we were childhood neighbors). A former editor-turned-photographer (not to mention artist/global nomad/bon viveur), Miguel embraces life with an ardor that spills over into every corner of his existence.

Here are some of my favorite shots that he has captured. Pay close attention to the small details in the photos that may go unnoticed but were so carefully placed there.

Miguel at work.

You can view more of Miguel Flores-Vianna's work and interior shots here. And stay tuned for my Southern Living Magazine debut this Summer!


  1. HI Karina, congratulations on the Southern Living shoot, can't wait to see you there...well deserved!



  2. Great post, and great website. Thanks for the information!


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