Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Calm before the Hurricane

So I was at my store yesterday. It was a beautiful, but cold, cold day (well, as cold as it can here in New Orleans). I'm sure for you yanks up there, it was a spring day. This was my view from my desk at the shop.

So anyway, there I am doing whatever I do when I'm alone -- thinking, dreaming, freaking out about the future, wondering what I'm going to cook for dinner, etc. Suddenly, I hear drums outside. In New Orleans, you are used to expecting anything, but it was only 10 a.m. so I'm wondering what all the commotion is about outside. I step on my porch (yes, I have a porch with an iron fence and all!) and there is a small group of people second lining down the sidewalk -- already celebrating either Mardi Gras or the Super Bowl or both. I tell you, the city has gone crazy lately. I wish I had photos because then everyone started dancing on the street and clapping their hands to the beat. Everyone was dressed in black and gold and everyone was celebrating the Saints going to Miami.

I cannot tell you how living in this city is. Everything is reason to celebrate. Someone is born -- everyone celebrates. It's a nothing special Friday -- everyone celebrates. The sun comes out -- everyone celebrates. There is always a reason to open a bottle of wine and boil some crawfish. In my own little neighborhood of Lakeview (that still has many left over blighted houses from Katrina and empty lots waiting to be rebuilt), we are always outside on someone's porch talking, drinking a glass or two of wine, while the children are all playing in the front yard. We often bring the barbeque pits outside and we have one communal grill. And it's just our block!!!

New Orleans has seen so much tragedy, destruction, corruption, crime, etc., yet, the soul of the people always seems to live on. I don't know if it's in the water, but regardless of what is going on, there is a terrific faith that tomorrow will be a better day. And it usually is.

New Orleanians have followed the Saints like a religion. Frankly, being from Argentina, I am an avid soccer fan and I don't really understand football that much. But I am in awe of how everyone here, young and old, rich or poor, is rooting for the Saints. I guess in a way, it represents a belief that anything is possible. If our Saints (the world's worst team for so many years) can make it to the Superbowl, well then, dreams do in fact come true. And who does not want to believe in that?


  1. I'd adore being your neighbor on that up and coming potentially flourishing street ... I'd for sure be enjoying a glass or two of red with you ...
    cheers to the Saints ... being a Hoosier and all ... I do likle the Colts ... but I love the underdog in any sporting event!

    we'll chat

  2. You paint such a wonderful vivid picture of your vibrant community; it sounds like a very special place. I've spent my life moving from place to place and have always mourned that lack of community in my life. My husband and I have dreams of one day finding that small town community where we can buy a little stone house and fill it with beautiful antiques. RIght now I'll have to settle for drooling over the gorgeous things in your shop. It's a good thing I don't live in your area because I'd spend all our money on your wares!

    Warm Regards,
    The French Mouse

  3. Hello from Canada(where it really is cold) this post,your words are so well spoken,not a football fan myself but tomorrow nite I will have a house full of men eating stinky chilli watching and cheering for...........your guys to win! All the best,Chrissy

  4. Oh....I would love to spend an hour or ten in your shop..sorry I got caught up in football!

  5. Bonjour Karina,
    You paint such a lovely picture of your town. In spite of all the suffering and hardship she's endured, I believe it will be back bigger and better than ever.
    Your boutique is just my style, lovely chair and sconces, also a great little mirror. If only New Orleans wern't so far from Paris...
    Bonne week-end!

  6. To all my wonderful bloggers, thank you for your posts.

    Bonjour Romance -- if you are in Paris, you are one lucky woman!!!!

    Chrissy from Canada -- I would love for you to spend tons of hours in my shop and I'll be sending you warm thoughts your way.

    Hope Ava -- your hair designs are amazing!! I am thinking of a couple I'd love in my hair. I think I'm going to have you commission a black one for evening wear. I love them!!

    City Farmer -- you are the best. Next time I'm in Chicago, we'll have to have a glass of red together. To all of you who are looking for vintage finds that you never thought existed, ask city farmer. She will find them for you.

  7. It's all about community---there's nothing better...
    and isn't it wonderful to be surrounded by people who are so full of joy?!
    I'm lifting my glass to you AND those who love to celebrate life!

  8. Karina, thank you so much for the lovely compliments on my fledgling etsy boutique. I have actually been turning over designs for a black evening wear piece in my mind the last couple days; I just ordered some black ribbon yesterday. I have become addicted to trolling etsy for pretty supplies that inspire me!

  9. I've discovered you thanks to Claudia ( Paris apartment ) and I'm glad she did a post about you ! I love your blog


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