Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday after Superbowl

It's Wednesday and no one (and I mean, no one) has gotten anything done in this city. I mean, Sunday was Superbowl and do I need to tell you who won the Superbowl???? Do I??????? Okay, so you get the point. This entire city celebrated into the wee hours of Sunday night like it was 1999. So I've heard ... because I was home fast asleep in my cozy little white bed after my boys won the big game. I mean, I saw it, I cheered and then I went to bed. My kids go to bed early and if I'm not in bed early too, there is all hell to pay the next morning.

So then comes Monday -- kids are off from school. No, not because it's Lincoln's birthday as I later found out, but because the Saints won the superbowl and so, naturally, everyone is off from school or work. Can you imagine? Okay, then comes Tuesday. You'd think we'd be back to normal but, as I mentioned in another post, this city can find any reason to celebrate. Sooooo, the city puts on the biggest parade it has ever seen with all the Saints players, school bands, etc. Schools and offices shut down early because all streets were closed off as of 3 pm. for the parade. It was the biggest parade ever with thousands of people in attendance in 30 degree weather. So I heard... because I watched it with my hubby from the comfort of my white linen sofa on TV. I am such a loner, aren't I? Pathetic, maybe? Boring? All of the above?

So today was the first somewhat normal day. I went to the shop and spent the day taking photos of some new things I have at the store which I just posted on my Etsy shop. Troy Evans of the Saints and his pregnant wife stopped by to shop for some things for their daughters' room and that was the highlight of my day. I got to see a Saints player up and personal and in the comfort of my little shop. How's that for being spoiled?

So here is a peak at some of my treasures I posted on Etsy today:

This little vintage boudoir lamp is soooo cute and I found the antique lampshade in a flea market in Paris years ago. So sweet!

My collection of vintage european books. Perfect for any tabletop, desk or library. I love the natural bindings!

Just posted the french chippy urn that comes complete with those beautiful dried hydrangeas.

And these are my little french treasures. Original French Louis XVI dining chairs in their original blue velvet and paint. Gorgeous patina! I won't touch the fabric as it is the most beautiful shade of blue. I just love them! Here are some close-ups.

So maybe tomorrow will be a productive day??? Not. We have Valentine's on Friday and Mardi Gras this coming Tuesday. There is no hope to get anything done in this city, except to just go with the flow and celebrate until next summer.


  1. DO IT deserve all this and more~
    I wish I was a mouse in a hole ... watching

  2. Joy, you're the best. Thanks for reading.

  3. Whoa, everything in your store is to die for!

  4. I am just going with the flow too. They said there were 800,000 people at the parade last night!

  5. Sandy, I tried to reach you earlier but I didn't have an email. Thank you so much for reading and I hope we become fast friends.

  6. I think I might seriously consider killing for those cameo chairs...they are absolutely gorgeous! Your whole etsy shop is so lovely; you have such a wonderful selection. If I ever win the lottery I think I will just buy a new house and furnish it completely from your shop.

  7. EVERY day should be cause for celebration...
    we just laugh and sing and dance until you're too pooped to do any more!!

  8. Annie, you are so right. Thanks for reminding us.

  9. Karina,

    It sounds like you have had a very festive week! After my husband told me who won the Superbowl (No, I didn't watch it this year), I said "I know someone who will be very happy about that!"

    How exciting that you had such special visitors to your beautiful shop!

    Love the velvet chairs, by the way!


  10. I wish I was there, in New Orleans. It is my favorite place in the world. I left my heart there. Unlike any other city in the states, certainly has the most European-like qualities of any place in the states. You are so lucky to live there! I know I will visit again and again.


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