Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cordoba, Argentina

They say an Argentine is an Italian who speaks Spanish, lives in a French house and thinks he/she is English. Well, I think nothing could describe me better. I am a melting pot of so many cultures and ideas and all of that has really shaped the person I am and the design style to which I am drawn. For me, nothing is more beautiful than beauty itself and it doesn't matter whether it is french, italian, swedish or english. If you think something is beautiful, combine it with what you already have regardless of its origin or age and you will find that somehow, beautiful things can coexist in the same room or house.

In Argentina, especially, there are so many styles and periods that come together to say "Argentina." Brought by our European ancestors, there is a wealth in Argentina of European antiques. I grew up experiencing the beauty of these pieces, whether French or Italian, and have blended them together into a style that is uniquely me.

Although Buenos Aires is rich in culture and style, there are so many "estancias" (villas or estates) in Argentina that are hidden gems for style and design inspiration.

One of my all time favorite places is Estancia "El Colibri" in Cordoba, Argentina. It is a charming colonial-style estancia set in the beautiful Argentine countryside near Cordoba, an excellent horse riding destination. Here, you can experience the gorgeousness of the Argentina while surrounded by stunning mountains. But what I like the most, is the European flavor that surrounds the interior and exterior of Colibri.

The masculinity of the walnut French chairs and varnished brick floors is balanced by the delicate beauty and bountiful crystals on the Italian chandeliers and sconces. It is not surprising that they are so similar to my own line of handcrafted Italian chandeliers and sconces. Perhaps one of those childhood memories that inspire you as an adult.

The wine cellar full of wines from the region.

I love the combination of French and English antiques in this room with the modern upholstered headboards.

This is even reminiscent of "Out of Africa."

Clean modern lines in the linen covered sofas lend the perfect casualness to the living room. The Belgian linen Roma sofa from my own collection would fit right in.

Those Italian carved headboards are calling my name!

The floral drapes add a nice touch to soften the black velvet headboards.

An English chest turned into a vanity. The mirror was removed from the piece and used above for the bathroom mirror. Marble was dropped on top of the chest.

A perfect sunset...

Although Polo is known to be the sport of the English, they brought it with them to Argentina. Polo is very much alive and well in Argentina and can be seen throughout the countryside. El Colibri has a polo field and 45 polo ponies.

The dining room.

The swimming pool to cool off after a hard polo match.

If you are ever in Argentina and want to experience true country luxury, you must stay at one of several estancias offered for vacation rentals. For information on El Colibri or any of its sister properties go to I hope you enjoyed your stay!


  1. How lucky to stay there.I love those gold headboards too.Fiona

  2. What beautiful pictures!!! Thank you for sharing that link ~ I'm definitely going to check it out... so far our plans to go to Argentina for New Years are looking good; friends will be in Peru during the same time so will visit there too!!! xo HHL

  3. Fiona, maybe you can take one and I'll take the other. :)

    HHL, I hope you do get to go. You deserve to follow that dream of yours.

  4. Genial Karina! Te mandaría alfajorcitos cordobeces de premio por esta los consiguiera en esta ciudad! Te mando un besote enorme! Buen findex!

  5. Hi Karina,
    I'm a follower from Italy, these pics are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Oh dear, this is a copious post filled with images that just take my breath away, Karina! Thank you for visiting my post and do ya think I am a decent writer? Really, I am so elementary in my word choices, but I guess I just go for the straightforward talk to get my point across!!!! I enjoy writing for THAT leave an impression that is not too muddled! YOUR PICTURES AND THE DÉCOR IS STRIKING and thank you for this virtual tour of places that many of us will never see. Enjoy your weekend dear one, Anita

  7. Amazing! Thanks for taking us there, hon.

    P.S. – I’m having a Jeanne d’Arc Living Christmas Giveaway!
    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

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