Friday, November 26, 2010

La Bastide de Marie

Amidst Provence, France, there exists a place this beautiful. A fully restored 18th-century stone inn sitting placidly amid endless vineyards, La Bastide de Marie is a delightful farmhouse estate in Provence - a portal into old-world French living.
Sit back and enjoy the photos....

I'm just speechless.....

(Photos courtesy of La Bastide de Marie).


  1. Oh my Lord, when can I move in:)))) What a fabulous article and images karina!! Bravo, well done!

    Royal wishes,

  2. Daisy Reyes, I so love your comments! Thanks for enjoying my post.

    HHL, how was your Thanksgiving?

  3. Looks like a little piece of paradise...I love that bright blue couch among all the neutral tones! I just wanted to stop by and make sure I invited you to enter my first ever giveaway!

    Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!
    Hope Ava

  4. Oh Karina .. how divine. So beautiful and so peaceful. It definitely is paradise! I love the blue Louis sofa and actually everything else!
    hugs Frances

  5. I love this place, Ducasse ( the owner) owns beautiful place ,I also love the abbaye de la celle. These 2 places remind me good (romantic) souvenirs


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