Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hotel Faena, Buenos Aires

Being from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I do tend to talk about the good and the bad of my country. Yes, poverty does exist and political unrest and economic turmoil are present. I think that is true for many countries. But for all that Argentina may lack at times, it certainly makes up in style and European flare. Yes, I admit, I was fortunate enough to grow up in a place that is absolutely stunning and where the people are decadent and passionate about life.

Take the Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires, for instance. OMG! The Faena Hotel and Universe, as it is named, is a five star hotel in the Puerto Madero section of Buenos Aires.

The lot where the hotel is today situated was originally purchased in 1902 by Bunge y Born, the leading local agribusiness firm. They had one of the largest wheat mills in the country built there and with it, established Molinos Río de la Plata (later a leader in the local retail foods market).

The structure measured 25,000 m2 (270,000 ft2) in indoor area and was built with bricks imported from Manchester. The development of a new port further north after 1911 led to the original docklands' obsolescence, however, and by 1998, the shuttered El Porteño building (as the historic mill was known locally) had been slated for demolition.

Saved from the wrecking ball by local cultural patrimony associations, the building as purchased by local fashion designer Alan Faena, who after a US$40 million investment, opened the Faena Hotel+Universe in October 2004.

Refurbished and decorated by designer Philippe Starck, the hotel includes 105 rooms and is adjacent to an apartment complex of 83 residences (the "Universe"). The hotel includes the rustic French El Mercado restaurant, a café, wine cellar, fashion boutique, cabaret and spa. Faena is currently working with architect Norman Foster to create a "Faena Art District," with the Hotel+Universe as its core. The completed development will include the modernist El Aleph complex and Los Molinos (residences built in a nearby, former silo).

I love that bed!

For a moment there, I thought this was my dining room. :)

The chesterfield leather sofa is very similar to the sofa chair I have listed on 1stdibs! It must be an Argentine love affair with leather.

I just love how that chandelier softens the modern lines.

I could take that tufted wing chair home!

This is so my style. I just adore the white on white and then that splash of vibrant lipstick red.

I could stare at this photo forever. The tufted settee, the chandeliers.... well, what can I say. They take my breath away.

You can almost hear the tango playing in the background and the dancers wrapped around each other on the dancefloor...
This is definitely the place to stay when visiting Buenos Aires. Even if you don't make the trip, the design is such an inspiration. Hope you enjoyed the photos.


  1. What a beautiful building! I love the way they have blended historical design with eclectic touches of modern. It is very fresh and elegant. That red and white room is indeed stunning! But I think my favorite is that marble bathroom with those over the top fabulous faucets! Like something out of a luxurious fairytale! Thanks so much for taking me on such a wonderful virtual tour :)

    And thanks so much for the kind mention in your post a few days back, I was so touched! It has been a wonderful part of blogging, meeting such unique and talented women (like yourself!) who inspire me and challenge me to be better at my own craft.

    Have a wonderful week! xoxo
    Hope Ava

  2. What a wonderfully dramatic place! I could take all but the last room home with me and that only because, despite my passionate love of red, is just too red for me to live with for any length of time! But perhaps one of the sofas would look good!
    As usual you have given me a feast for the eyes so thank you. xx

  3. What a lovely post!!! I have not been to Argentina ..YET... but something about it post accident has been calling to me - that I actually see myself living there part of the year. I'm trying to talk Hubby into celebrating New Years ... there ... fingers crossed he agrees. We have friends who also have family in Peru - who are leaving Dec. 3rd and staying till March -- so it would be wonderful to see their part of the world too!!! Hugs.. HHL

  4. Hope Ava, so good to hear from you! Yes, the bathroom with those silver swan faucets are indeed dreamy!

    Julienne, my dear, don't you already have a chesterfield sofa?

    HHL, follow your heart. Just do it. I can guarantee you will love it.

  5. Dearest Karina ... You and me both ... LOVE the white with the splash of red. Philippe Starck is one of my favourites and I love his work because it is so whimsical and beautiful. I love the fact that he is prepared to take risks and be fanciful and include history in his designs but with a modern twist. The bathroom with the silver swan taps are divine! Karina I think we have to go there. Beautiful, beautiful post as always .....
    hugs and best wishes

  6. One of the things that I love the most is the variety of hotels in Buenos Aires, they are great in every way possible!


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