Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beautiful in the Details

I have a dear friend who also happens to be a neighbor. She and her husband and two young children live 3 houses down from me and our kids play together while we pour over magazines, ooohing and aaaahing over swedish antiques, white washed floors and beautiful painted furniture. Seriously, no two people spend as much time looking at every inch of magazines as we do. Her house is very much like mine, all white, and our styles are so similar that it is great to obsess together.

Hilary and her sister own a trendy and very fashionable clothing shop, Ah-ha, also on Magazine Street in Uptown New Orleans (where the likes of Kate Hudson and Sandra Bullock have been spotted) so between her clothes and my furniture, we've got each others' backs.

Her mother, Niki Rubenstein, co-owner of Rubenstein Brothers in New Orleans, another fabulous clothing shop that is a legend in New Orleans, also happens to be a talented artist and Hilary and I keep her extremely busy doing artwork for our walls. Niki's soft pastels are gorgeous and her attention to the little details is extraordinary. Her paintings are small as she likes to truly control her elements yet they are elegant and virtually pull you in. They are truly little jewels that decorate our homes beautifully.

I know she will kill me for showing these to the world but I wanted to share with you some of the paintings I have in my house that she did. I absolutely adore them!

Gilded fragment on canvas. This piece is three dimensional and just looks like a piece of jewelry on my swedish commode at the entrace foyer.

This one is made on cardstock and it is probably my very favorite. Isn't it the sweetest piece you've ever seen????

Look at the details in her dress...

Finally, this was one of my first pieces by Niki Rubenstein. The colors are all my favorites in hues of whites and pale blues with a hint of gold.

Niki Rubenstein's paintings range from $250-500. Please email me for additional information.


  1. I know I'm supposed to be looking at the art work but I can't take my eyes off the dresser. :)

  2. Dear JaninaCakes, that was one of my very first creations for my home! I love it too!


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