Friday, March 4, 2011

Sans Color and Gorgeous

My style of decorating is marked by the absence of color. It is not that I don't love the use of color in design -- I truly do and I love how bold designers such as Kelly Wearstler can decorate a room with gorgeous colors that bounce off a wall. Still, I have always been drawn to what I have termed "sans color" ("sans" from the Old French term meaning "in the absence of"). To me, the eye works harder to pick out the nuances and beauty of a room that is neutral or without any real color and when it does find that beauty, that carving, that texture, it rejoices in its discovery.

I often say, I much rather have a room with just one fabulous piece -- perhaps a velvet gilded chair or a painted commode in a corner with just one chandelier hanging from the ceiling and nothing else than a room full of nothing special.

As you scroll down these beautiful settings, let your eyes pick out the beauty of each room. For me, these rooms exude a sense of calmness and quiet beauty and a feeling that everything is as it should be. Enjoy!

Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. (photos from Asli Tunca and La Maison:


  1. Beautiful images...I find myself drawn more and more to neutral tones set off by one glorious pop of color! I love that British flag carpet...totally brilliant!


  2. Oh yes, Karina, I totally agree with less is more. order for it to truly work, the room has to have good bones. New houses which most often lack any architectural interest only end up looking lacking. What I wouldn't give for a home with some character.

  3. Dear Mimi, I so agree and I was just saying this to another friend of mine today! These houses have enormous ceilings and beautiful architectural details which can stand alone. I wholeheartedly agree with your comment.


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