Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Making of an Angel

Some of you may recall a post I did not too long about a lovely woman who had contacted me all the way from her home in Rome, Italy, shortly after my story ran in the New York Times. She was deeply touched by it but especially moved by the painting I did on painter's dropcloth which was featured as part of the story. My painting evoked in her memories of her late father who was a very talented artist and painted similar paintings on the same medium. She told me that upon reading my story and seeing the painting, something moved in her so much so that she felt the need to reach out and connect with me.

Since that day, Nathalie von Rittersberg and I have become fast friends despite the distance and, as she describes, was inspired to paint her own paintings. Her paintings have been amazingly therapeutic for her as a way to express her emotions, love for nature, and experiences she's had throughout her amazingly rich life. Aside from being a self taught artist, Nathalie is an accomplished professional who has worked in various roles focused on fundraising, special events and public/media relations for high level officials and royal families, including the Consulate of the Principality of Monaco in New York (Attaché Public Affairs), the Quebec Government House in New York and Canada (Attaché, Special Project), and the United Nations in New York. Currently, Nathalie works at the United Nations in Rome to improve food security in developing and Third World countries (the UN's Special Programme for Food Security). In short, Nathalie works day in and day out to help end world hunger.

A pretty amazing woman and absolutely beautiful inside and out, don't you think?

Yesterday, Nathalie called me to tell me that since the day she contacted me, life has been absolutely filled with wonderful and amazing things. Her paintings have unleashed a happiness that she describes as overwhelming. They have not only brought her tremendous joy and peace, but they have most recently captured the attention of the media and others. Of special honor, she was asked to do an exhibit of her work at the United Nations building in Rome. At the same time, she is being interviewed for an article that will appear in the UN's monthly Gazette. Congratulations, Nathalie!

I would like to share with you some of Nathalie's work. Of special note, Nathalie did a painting (below) which she dedicates to the victims, families, friends, and survivors of 9/11.

Making of an Angel

She has entitled this one "Making of an Angel". As Nathalie describes, "It represents a business man going straight to Heaven, and becoming an angel in the process of going up. He is surrounded by angels who are guiding him in the process. One is holding his left hand as in to say 'don't worry, you are not alone', and under his right wing shines the golden light of God."

Here are some others that I adore:

Title: Seven

Title: Stars

Title: Horses

Title: Butterflies

Title: Man Alone

Title: Eternal Love

Nathalie, I am so very proud of you!!! I am so honored that my story was able to give you the confidence to explore and discover a side of you which I am sure you knew existed but perhaps were a little frighten to pursue. I am here to tell you that YOU are not alone. There are tons of women like me and you who are amazing and talented and are ready to support you.

To see Nathalie's work or to contact her directly, please go to her facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/nathalie.vonrittersberg.

Wishing you a wonderful day wherever this posts finds you.

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  1. How moving is it to experience making of a angel this of all weekends, the anniversary of 9/11. Thanks for sharing this, Karina.


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