Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Timeless Nature of Neoclassical Style

There is something so elegant and timeless about neoclassical furniture, especially chairs (since I do have a fetish in this department as you may recall). The Empire style, developed during the second phase of neoclassicism, is probably one of my all time favorite neoclassical styles as it is clean, tailored and can mix with just about any other style.

Take a look at this antique Empire chair in the corner of this bedroom featured in the newest issue of Veranda Magazine.

Look familiar?????

Lovely, aren't they? Elegant, aren't they? Forever young....

For more information on these timeless and elegant 19th c. Empire chairs, please visit my 1stdibs storefront. I adore orange hues (or "marmalade" as Jane Dagmi so eloquently describes my taste in color palettes in her new article for Color Chats! "Decorating with Gray Soothes the Soul No Matter the Style").

But even if orange is not your cup of tea, there is a variety of fabric choices that would look fabulous on these chairs. Just let your imagination and passion take over...

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