Monday, September 19, 2011

The New and Improved (???) Me

We interrupt this otherwise informative and professional design blog to bring you some up to date personal information. I try as much as possible not to mix my professional and personal affairs, but WHAT THE HELL!!!!! Sometimes, you just have to!

So here it is..... After many years of resisting the temptation, I've become one of THEM.

Okay, maybe not one of HER.

Perhaps more on the lines of her...

But with a soccer ball.....

Do you know where I'm going with all this?????

Yes, at 43 years of age with my little boy and little girl on the brink of complete alienation by their peers for not being one of THEM, I have finally joined the ranks of the much avoided, much acclaimed, and much neurotic league of SOCCER MOMS R US!!!!

And here are those responsible for this transformation.

My little Roma

And my sweet Liam

So to those out there who may be considering the path of no return, be warned..... Yes, as Frances Russell from Frances Russell Interiors in Australia can attest to, when you call me to talk french antiques, you may be getting me while I'm on the field. Just tune out the background noise.

Now, all I need is one of these and I'll be set. :)


  1. Welcome to my world - standing out at the polo fields in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco at 7:30 on a Saturday morning, most of the time most of the parents just sit in the cars it so cold and foggy. You will do just great!

  2. Dear Geddes, thank you so much for your sympathy! :) So are you at the polo fields to play soccer or polo? I visited your blog. You are one talented architect!

  3. Hi Karina,

    Thanks for the visit and the compliment. The polo fields in Golden Gate Park are where all soccer games are held - I've never seen a horse around there. I wish I made enough money for my son to play "the sport of kings" - but soccer is more our speed. Soccer aside, the furnishings, art, and design that you choose to highlight with your blog is amazing and I am going to have to link your blog to my fledgling design journal.



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