Friday, September 30, 2011

The Understated Elegance of a Louis Philippe Mirror

An antique gilded Louis Philippe Mirror is like a navy blazer -- a classic piece that goes with just about anything.

It is simple, elegant and timeless...

In my own home, this Louis Philippe antique mirror hangs elegantly in my kitchen (photograph courtesy of New York Times and Sarah Essex Bradley).

Below, a Louis Philippe mirror fits seamlessly in a masculine decor (House & Gardens UK).

A closer look...

Louis Philippe Mirrors can come with or without a beautiful cartouche (the carved detailing on the top of the mirror) which gives it a more majestic presence.

It can be long and thin...

Or the classic rectangular shape which so beautifully adorns the back wall of my showroom at the 1stdibs floor of the New York Design Center.


  1. You are right, classically beautiful design. And I'm so glad to finally know the proper word for the carving above the frame, thanks for that bit of added info :)

  2. I love them , I always sell them very fast


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