Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart to Heart Advice

How I dreaded Valentine's Day when I was in high school!  With my goal of graduating Valedictorian from an all girls' Catholic high school in New Orleans (so that I could perhaps get a scholarship to Tulane University which was my only ticket to college), I was quite the nerd -- studying most of the time with little time to do anything else.  So when Valentine's Day rolled around, all of the popular girls in high school would be called to the office at some point during the day, to collect their floral or balloon bouquet that their high school "sweetheart" from a neighboring all boys' high school would have deliver.  And I looked at them with envy and sadness to know that I had no such sweetheart and that Valentine's was just another day in the life.

But on a high note, I did become Valedictorian and I did get that full paid scholarship to Tulane.

Still, when Valentine's Day comes around (even though my husband spoils me rotten now), I always remember that dreaded sense of feeling totally unloved (even if it wasn't really true -- my mother reminded me that she loved me best of all -- but at 15, that doesn't really count, does it?)  So to all you fabulous girls out there (whether in high school or elsewhere) who may not necessarily get that huge bouquet of flowers today, don't sweat it!!!!!  You are LOVED.  You are WONDERFUL and you are incredibly SPECIAL.

Your time will come....

Just love who you are (whether you get the flowers or not) and everything else will fall into place.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day wherever this post finds you.


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